Shakespeare has turned the character of Macbeth totally around.

Wilson comments regarding the guilt of the protagonist: It is a subtler thing which constitutes the chief fascination that the play exercises upon us - this fear Macbeth feels, a fear not fully defined, for him or for us, a terrible anxiety that is a sense of guilt without becoming (recognizably, at least) a sense of sin....

Macbeth is also an extraordinary general.

The  section for Macbeth is a greatresource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel.

Macbeth meets three witches after his victory in a great battle.

Through Shakespeare's Tragedy of Macbeth, Macbeth’s original character and values are destroyed because of the influence from the witches' prophecies, Lady Macbeth's greed, and his own hidden ambition....

Lady Macbeth was manipulative and overpowering in their relationship.

After Banquo's murder by Macbeth's assassins,Fleance fled to North Wales,and married one Nesta / Mary, daughterof Gryffudth apLlewellyn, Prince of Wales.

Coincidentally, Macbeth begins with the stage directions, "Enter three witches."

In the end of the play Macduff and Macbeth fight and Macbeth dies.

In the play Macbeth there is no main focal theme that overrules the others; the play however has several underlying themes, namely there are important themes i.e.

Another change in Macbeth was his mental state.

A battle has taken place between the supporters of King Duncan of Scotland and rebels led by the Thane of Cawdor. A soldier gives a report to the king about Banquo and Macbeth's bravery in the battle. When Duncan hears that the Thane of Cawdor has surrendered, he decides that Macbeth should be given the thane's lands and title.

In the film Macbeth the setting is right in the middle of war.

Macbeth and Banquo cross the heath where the Three Witches are waiting. They call Macbeth Thane of Glamis and Thane of Cawdor and tell him that he will be King of Scotland in the future. They tell Banquo that he will never be king but that his descendants will be. The witches disappear. Messengers from the king arrive to tell Macbeth that he has just been named Thane of Cawdor. Macbeth and Banquo realise that the Three Witches' prophecy has already started to come true.

How does Shakespeare use imagery in Macbeth and his other plays.

King Duncan announces that he will visit Macbeth's castle at Iverness. He also names his son Malcolm as Prince of Cumberland and next in line to the throne of Scotland. Macbeth asks permission to return to his castle early in order to prepare for the king's visit.

In the beginning Macbeth was such a nice guy.

Once he sees Lady Macbeth, after she has been informed of this news, they immediately conclude they must kill the king of Scotland, Duncan, even though the prophecy mentioned no such thing....

In Act I scene ii we find out that Macbeth is a great warrior.

The Three Witches plan when they will introduce themselves to Macbeth, a Scottish general and Thane of Glamis, a Scottish thane being roughly equivalent to any English duke. They decide that they will meet again at dusk on a heath that Macbeth must pass over as he returns home from battle.

They predict that Macbeth shall become king.

Hi LadyRainforestFlamingo,
This is a very good question.
Shakespeare's play is much longer and more complicated than the video you can watch on our website. There are more characters and other things happen (Macbeth kills some more people).
Macbeth and Lady Macbeth start to act strangely after they kill Duncan and Banquo. Some of the other characters begin to realise what happened.
Your ideas are very good - perhaps the witches tell them, or the ghosts of Duncan or Banquo tell them.
Do you like the story?