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FOR more than three centuries Mithraism was practised in the remotest provinces of the Roman empire and under the most diverse conditions...Perhaps no other religion ever offered to its sectaries in a higher degree than Mithraism opportunities for prayer and motives for veneration.

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You start by changing the words they use

As oneseasoned observer noted recently, earlier air wars had caused greater immediatelosses of life, due to the inaccuracy of bombs and rockets, but had generallyleft basic infrastructures intact.

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Mithraism did not begin to attract attention till towards the close of the first century, and did not assume importance till the middle of the second. Hence it could not have come in contact with Christianity early enough to have exercised any marked influence on its chief rites or doctrines. Again one has never explained how the Christian religion could have borrowed from a cult like Mithraism, whose rites and teachings were guarded from public knowledge by a veil of secrecy as strict as that which hides the inner ceremonies of a lodge of freemasons. (Aiken C.F., Mithraism and Christianity, p. 382)

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