When Buddhism is a Cult – The Naked Monk

by Louis Frederic, Printed in France, 1995; ISBN 2-08013-558-9
During the Heian period in Japan, a popular custom witnessed the installation of an effigy of Manjusri clothed as a monk (or in a habit made of rope, or a Chinese robe in the Tang fashion) in the kitchens of places of residence, in order to symbolize the wisdom and discipline which should be observed for the maintenance of the home.....but the popularity of his worship subsequently diminished; in Japan today his memory is alive although he is hardly worshipped any more, and very few temples are devoted to him.

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In the words of the Venerable Nyanaponika Thera, a renowned Buddhist scholar and monk:

the Chinese Buddhist monk Taixu wrote a letter to ..

And in hospital training the persistent encounter with old age, debilitation, and death continuously reinforces the words of the cemetery meditations: "Verily, also my own body is of the same nature; such it will become and will not escape it." Similarly, in order to acquire a vivid mental image of the cemetery meditations, Buddhist monks occasionally visit graveyards to behold corpses in various stages of decay.[29] However, such experiences bear fruit only if one takes advantage of them and avoids the temptation to ignore and forget.

he made the vows of a Buddhist monk

Buddhists are intent on hearing this Discourse even in the last moments of their lives; and at the bed-side of a dying Buddhist either monks or laymen recite this venerated text.[14]

[1. This monk Subhadra should not be confounded with Buddha's last convert, who happens to bear the same name.

Sexual assaults and violent rages..

For the last year I have been a member of a Shambhala center because of transportation limitations that prevent me from getting to a Zen center where I live. Shambhala is arguably Tibetan, and I see little that is actually Buddhist there. It seems more like Hinduism, what w/ the countless deities, power mantras, the strong reliance on teachers, etc. Of course Trungpa put his own unique spin on things, and some of what they do is patently nonsense that was dreamed up by him. They, however, believe it. I manage to practice there by limiting my activities. Those consist of attending a Sunday 2 hr sitting and walking meditation, participating in the following lunch, and attending the Tuesday nite compassion meditations. That’s it. They seem to be fixated on book readings, and money is an essential part of the Shambhala path. As Stephen mentioned, we are talking about latte liberals that are sort of playing the game. Compared to a Zen center (yeah, I know, comparisons, but sometimes they are fine), the level of commitment and intent is very low. I have met some very nice people though, just as I have met some very nice Christians that wanted to practice what Jesus taught and not the Bible.

Inside the dark world of Buddhist teacher Sogyal Rinpoche

If anything, (in my honest opinion) Nagarjuna reiterated and clarified the historical Buddha’s Dhamma/Dharma, the interpretation of which had become confused by the speculations of the Abidhamma/Abidharma schools. Why is Nagarjuna’s treatise not included in the Pali Canon? Probably, because (1) he expounded it in Sanskrit, and (2) he quite probably had no contact with the developing (Theravada) schools of thought of other countries.

A Buddhist monk, Phra Kittiwutthi of the Phra Chittipalwon College in Thailand, is noted for his extreme right-wing views.

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In contrast to the views of Phra Kittiwutthi, Sulak Sivaraksa reports that the Vietnamese monk, Thich Nhat Hanh is of the view that 'preserving Buddhism does not mean that we should sacrifice people's lives in order to safeguard the Buddhist hierarchy, monasteries or rituals.

The Buddha himself is quoted:

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Monk Account and Pagoda Fund Account is one of our deposit services which allowed monk, pagoda or the Buddhist association to open a deposit account for management of cash or pagoda fund etc.

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Thatis, the individual's every action in daily life, without ritual form(musô), comes to intentionally reflect the enlightenedbody-and-mind of the Buddha and its three mysteries.