The early days of BBC Radio Cleveland in Linthorpe Road.

But the study, whoever paid for it, said that people, at the dawn of the television era, listened to the radio in their majority to hear music.

Storz' own anecdotal experience showed that people liked to hear the same "big songs" over and over.

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BBC RADIO TEESSIDE - the birth of local radio on Teesside

If you'd like to hear recordings of the first hours of when BBC Radio Teesside went on the air then, thanks to John Foster, you can hear it in two parts on the links above.

Publicity still of Allen from the Burns and Allen CBS Radio program

In the meantime, between court appearances and legal meetings, Armstrong continued to innovate. He started to work on the “static problem” which plagued early radios, despite some colleague’s assertion that static could never be eliminated. At the time, radio was transmitted via Amplitude Modulation (AM), which varied the amplitude of the radio waves. This gave the signal a much wider reach, but resulted in poor-quality sound. Armstrong sought to improve the signal quality by instead varying the radio waves’ frequency, creating Frequency Modulation radio (FM). He won a patent for FM radio in 1933, and the following year he did his first field test when he broadcast an organ recital in AM and FM signals from the top of the Empire State Building. The AM broadcast was static-filled and the FM broadcast was clean and rich. Listeners were shocked by the difference. Later, in experiment after experiment he proved the on-air differences and improvements in sound.

BBC Radio Cleveland's new building on the Newport Triangle. Not ready for the broadcasters as yet but opening soon.

and sometimes they give birth to new ones

On February 1, 1954, Armstrong’s body was discovered on the roof of a three-story wing of his apartment building. In despair, he had thrown himself out the window of his thirteenth-floor New York City apartment sometime during the night. He died believing he was a failure, and that FM radio would never become accepted. Through the years Armstrong’s widow would bring twenty-one patent infringement suits against many companies, including RCA. She eventually won a little over $10 million in damages. But it would take further decades for FM radio to reach its potential.

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Two photographs of the broadcasting studio and operating desk when BBC Radio Cleveland moved into its new, purpose built, studios and offices on the Newport Triangle in Middlesbrough. By clicking on the images above you can view them in a larger size - and how times have changed as you can clearly see ash trays in the photographs!

A rather cluttered BBC Radio newsroom in Broadcasting House on the Newport Triangle showing David Peel (seated) and Ishfaq Ahmed.

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More old BBC Radio Cleveland postcards which were sent to us by John Foster. Allan Iveson was at BBC Radio Cleveland between 1986 and 1987. He went out in the radio car to surprise listeners with a bouquet and chat to the recipient and their family. Family members or friends would nominate and give a reason. It could be a special birthday or anniversary or the nominee had done something deserving. It was a regular feature during the Sunday morning show and the recipient was unaware until they answered the door to find Allan with a bouquet and a live microphone. The Stan Laundon postcard plugs his "Country Time" show and Graham Robb was a presenter on the commerical stations Radio Tees and TFM between 1980-1986 before moving to BBC Radio Cleveland to spend six years with us between 1986-1992.

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A general view of the Radio Cleveland newsroom with news editor, Peter Dodson on the extreme left, secretary Eileen Ross in the centre with news producer Keith Morton on the right.

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Tony Baynes with the BBC Radio Cleveland radio car in April 1976 at the launch, on Teesside, of the Vauxhall Chevette GL one of the first “super-mini” or compact cars.