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My husband held and kissed us with tears in his eyes, while the doctor, anesthesiologist and nurses voiced their congratulations on the birth of our beautiful and healthy daughter.

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The priestly dynasty passed down through the daughter ofUr, called On, who was the mother of Nahor, the grandfather of Abram. The traditions were then passed on to Terah and Abram. WhileAbram was secreted away from the deadly grasp of Nimrod, he learned the art ofwriting and the mysteries and secrets of the heavens from his father. Theoracular mysteries were confined within the dynasty of his family. The powerand social acclaim were his birthright.

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In the it recounts the story of Arphaxad,who had a son by Rasuja, named Kainan, not to be confused with Kainan, the sonof Ham and father of the Canaanites. This Kainan came under the specialtutelage of his father and learned the art of writing. One day on thefoothills, he uncovered a stone stele with writings which he soon identifiedas the writings of the Watchers, the fallen angels, who wrecked suchgenetic havoc in the antediluvian world. These writings included the“astrology of the sun and the moon and the stars and in all the signs ofheaven” Kainan hid the writings from the knowledge of Noah but passedthe secret mysteries to his son, Kesed and then to his son, Ur, thebuilder of the city of Era of the Chaldeas. It was Ur, who transported thisinformation to the new mystery religion of the Chaldeas and was thefirst to sculpt molten images for worship. The formation of idol worshipwas started by Ur, the father of the Chaldeas.

I decided to write it directly to my son. In the same way that I will tell him about his birth in the future, all positive. No negative.

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As part of my homework, I was also asked to write out how I imagined my perfect birth would go. I decided to write this in the same way as my sons’ birth story.

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Complete and return the home birth worksheet upon receipt. If you do not return this form within a year of your child's birth, you will need to provide additional evidence about the birth and pay an additional filing fee. More importantly, the birth certificate will be marked delayed. Government authorities question the validity of delayed birth certificates, which could hurt your child for the rest of his or her life.

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Request a certified copy of your child's birth certificate at any city or town hall in Rhode Island or at the State Office of Vital Records. You can do this within a few weeks of submitting your child's birth worksheet (if you had a hospital birth) or home birth worksheet (if you had a home birth).

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He writes of the sentimental affection for the town of his birth - he described his feeling "to the deep and aged roots which my family has struck into the soil" (DLB 144).

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Your Granny was also at your birth. (I believe this is why you have always had such a strong bond with her.) She was brilliant, she sat back and let us do our thing. She said she was so proud of your Daddy for the way that he supported me.

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Immediately upon entering the delivery room, two of the nurses transferred me to the gurney in the delivery room, where the doctor checked me and said I had a ways to go but that I had already dilated to 7 centimeters (the amount the cervix has opened in preparation for childbirth).