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The battle on October 18 closely resembled that of two days earlier.

Battles influence the spread of culture, civilization, and religious dogma.

The battle was the turning point of World War II.

On 20 August, a combined Mentoring Team C / 2nd Kandak operation to clear indirect fire point of origin locations NE of PB Qudus resulted in PTE Grant Kirby and PTE Tom Dale being killed in action by an IED in an overwatch position. On the same day, the build-site for PB Musazai was again heavily attacked, resulting in a prolonged engagement that lasted over three hours. The firepower of the attached Cavalry LAV and AH 64 together proved decisive and enabled a Mentoring Team A section patrol to return safely to the PB. On 24 August, a combined Mentoring Team D / 1St kandak patrol from PB Anar Joy into the Tangi Valley resulted in a prolonged engagement in which LCPL Jared MacKinney was killed in action by small arms fire. There were several more significant engagements, primarily in the East Dorafshan area during the run off election which saw the soldiers from Mentoring Team C heavily committed together with their Afghan counterparts. In the midst of this busy period, CT-B was formed through the amalgamation of the COs Tac Party, a LAV patrol and a ROCL Pl tour being extended to form an OGA security pl to provide force protection to the growing AUSAID and DFAT presence. 6 RARs tour of OP SLIPPER as MTF 1 concluded with a very successful Relief-In-Place with the 5 RAR Battlegroup, MTF 2. During this RIP, the long awaited Rotary Wing support to insert and extract soldiers from both Task Forces was instrumental in reducing the potential for casualties through excessive road movement.

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86. Upon return to Brisbane, the Battalion reformed with our rear element and participated in an emotional welcome home parade marching behind riderless horses symbolising our fallen warriors. Leave commenced in early December with a decent break until 1 February 2011. Support Company and SIO-S courses were completed early in the New Year before commencing a compressed training cycle before participation in EX TALISMAN SABRE 11 in mid July. The battalion has undertaken Pl level live fire and Coy blank activities as part of EX LONG TAN in May, before Combat Team live fire activities in June as part of EX DIAMOND DOLLAR 11. This exercise was a BDE level Combined Arms Activity in which 6 RAR integrated with Artillery, Engineer, Cavalry, Tank and Aviation assets, including the Tiger Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter (ARH).

23. On 1 June 1970 Lieutenant Colonel D.A. Drabsch assumed command of the Battalion.

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Europe has been a place of battles and political intrigue for centuries. As we approach a vote on the UK's membership of the European Union, we look at what 50 writers, actors, historians, artists and comedians have said about Europe and its nations.

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76. In September 2006, the Battalion Headquarters, Alpha Company, Charlie Company, Support Company and Administration Company formed the core component of the Timor Leste Battle Group Rotation I (TLBG 1) that deployed on Op ASTUTE to Timor Leste. TLBG I was recognised as the ANZAC BG in theatre due to the force assignment of a RNZIR Rifle Company. With effect November 2006, the Victor Company 1 RNZIR was deployed with 6 RAR that had not occurred on an operational deployment since May 1969 in Vietnam.

26. In December 1972, Lieutenant Colonel J.B. Healy assumed command of the Battalion.

King Harold II is killed by a Norman arrow at the Battle of Hastings.

While some dynasties endured for many years and others for only short periods of time, the Chinese had fought among themselves and against foreign invaders throughout history only to find themselves divided once again at the start of the twentieth century.

30. On 29 March 1974, Lieutenant Colonel A.W. Hammett assumed command of the Battalion.

So much for perhaps the most famously decisive battle in history

Sixth Army will hold their position to the last man and last round...." He also promoted Paulus to field marshal and reminded him that no German of that rank had ever surrendered on the battlefield.

60. In December 2001, Lieutenant Colonel G.P. Babington assumed command of the Battalion.

greatest of all sea battles, ..

83. In December 2007, Lieutenant Colonel Jason Blain CSC assumed command of the Battalion with WOI Stephen Colman as RSM however they led MTF 1 mentioned at 85 for the first half of MTF 1's deployment.