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, the former chiefUN weapons inspector in Iraq says, "The politics of fear have clouded the collective judgment ofthe people of the United States to the point where we, unfortunately, are willingto accept at face value almost any allegation of wrongdoing on the part of Iraqwithout first demanding to know the factual basis of such an allegation."

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A pastoral plan for peace should also address the question of the proliferation of those arms which are not called weapons of mass destruction, but which have in fact been responsible for massive destruction in human life, small arms and light weapons which are the favorite arms of the wars of the poor. We have to stop the uncontrolled flow of arms into conflict areas. We have to protect children from contamination with the instruments of war. When conflict ceases we have to ruthlessly collect and destroy the arms that have contributed to them.

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However no history of the war would be complete without an overview of the weapons of war, in all their varying forms. Thus this area of the site provides summary information of the tools by which the armies conducted war, and include many of the innovations war always brings to the development of weaponry.

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But we are now at a major crossroads. Many of these Treaties are marked as cold war treaties, not fully adequate to today’s world. The danger is that this important edifice could be dismantled or allowed to collapse, without having an alternative structure in place. We must clearly identify the signs of where this may be happening. I am thinking of questions of proliferation (albeit, thank God, limited). I am thinking of the slowness of the nuclear powers in assuming the responsibilities they assumed in terms of disarmament. Is our acceptance of “deterrence” to be eternally provisional? I am thinking of new nuclear strategies or of how the maintenance of the safety of existing weapons can be achieved without a “modernization” strategy which would put the NPT at risk.

Elected governments are false fronts coordinated by a global shadow government.

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Enjoy 🙂Warehouse render (WIP version posted in the last news update):
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Weather as a weapon? Gee, and I thought "they" were doing all this to mitigate the effects of so-called "global warming". Is it like a chicken and egg thing, like which came first, the idea to weaponize weather? Or the realization that the warming problem was only going to get progressively worse and worse and so therefore technologies must be developed to address it? It's likely the former is closer to the truth, knowing what we know now. Do any of us really think the PTB give a rat's ass about "saving the world?" (from runaway warming) I'd much sooner believe there have been darker agendas from the very start. In any event, we are in some real quicksand here and it has become quite apparent that the LIES and PSY-OPS are increasing in intensity as more and more in the general population begin to realize something doesn't seem right.

23/08/2017 · We must assume that war is now a foregone conclusion.

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World War II is again an excellent example because the home front--as well as the armed forces of many nations--was nearly exclusively devoted to the production and use of weaponry and all other necessary materials.