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What you think the truth is does not matter; only the truth will be the truth.

The lie says if you can imagine it and believe it, it will come true. It says the mind has the power to create a true reality, which it cannot. It is the mind’s favorite myth, because it is what our minds want to believe the most; it gives our mind God’s job. This is what makes it the most powerful and dangerous of all myths.

The Star Wars movie was always saying that you can do miracles if you just believe it completely, such as Luke could sword fight better blindfolded. Try it.

Many people have tried the true belief method for flying and were killed or injured as a result. You do not have to jump off a cliff to find out you cannot fly. You just need to believe the truth is what it looks like it is, nothing more nothing less.

Learn the ways of the force; surrender to the force.

There is an invisible force, and you must surrender to it to become a spiritual being, but you cannot manipulate it. It controls you; you cannot control it.

Myth makers take something that is true and twist it. The fact that there is some truth in it gives it some credibility and makes it more believable to some people.

The force: The balancing force is the force, and it is with us always, influencing our every move. A spiritual being is constantly aware of it. The mind blocks this awareness; it is God/life in action. The saying should be, “may the positive side of the force be with you,” but it makes no sense, because it moves in balance.

People like to watch lucky people in the movies. All of our heroes were really just very lucky people, in real life and the movies. George Washington may have been very brave and smart, but he was also very lucky. Bullets came so close to killing him that one was found inside his coat. If that bullet had been just a few inches to the right, history would be different, and someone else would be on the dollar bill. The truth is, good and bad luck, or the balance, controls everything.

For every Washington, there are many patriots that were just as brave and smart, but not as lucky, so they died in obscurity. The real world is the real world.

James Bond: We like watching Bond in action, because he is the luckiest person that ever lived. He gets out of one impossible situation after another and gets the girl, which does not happen in real life. It is a great fantasy.

Reality In ‘The Great Gatsby’ by F

in the mind of many characters in The Great Gatsby by F

Is it possible to write original fantasy anymore? : writing

This is quite a fascinating little thing that is going on here. Your brain insists that line A is longer than line B yet they are the same length. After all you can see that it extends farther back into the picture and your mind recognizes the fact that a fireplace is much wider than it is deep so the illusion is maintained and the picture looks accurate. It is a good drawing of a fireplace.

Discussion Is it possible to write original fantasy anymore

Only the truth is sacred. Fantasies, fables, fairytales and myths are not.

Leap of faith: Religions ask us to believe that the world we live in and can see with our own eyes is false, and the fairytale world described in old books filled with impossible miracles and contradicting interpretations is the real truth.

If there really was an all-knowing God, like in the myth, he would not expect honest, intelligent beings to believe what religions are saying is the truth.

If belief does not work in life, why would a God expect intelligent beings to believe it works in death? Believing the rent will be paid does not pay it.

Believe in believing: The truth is, everyone that believes in believing in the unbelievable lives in the mind and is nowhere near the truth and the life (Jesus).

The Bible says, “Those who think they're the closest are the farthest away.

Human nature: Knowing nature as we do now, including human nature, which is more likely; an invisible man/God that lives in the sky did impossible miracles, or people who made it up?

Honesty: The truth is, it is more likely people made it up. That is the truth for certain. A truly honest person would have to admit that and not believe myths or say they do without some real evidence. Do only dishonest people go to heaven?

To know that you do not know is the best. To pretend to know when you do not know is a disease. Lao Tzu

Delusions: The very nature of the human mind is delusional. It will see what it wants to see, what it believes or wants to believe exists. People try to see Big Foot, UFOs, fairies, werewolves, leprechauns, angels, gods, ghosts, goblins, dragons, sea monsters, mermaids, elves, little green men, giants, unicorns, vampires, trolls, demons, succubus, zombies, cherubs, cyclops and the boogie man, etc.

Then there are the genies and magic lamps, magic wands, voodoo dolls, flying carpets, fountain of youth, the philosopher’s stone, potions and spells, etc.

We have no hard evidence that they are real or ever existed, but we have a lot of hard evidence of hoaxers, people that lie, and the mentally ill.

They are all just mind games that the devil/mind has used to hide the divine truth.

Until recently, people could not know those things were not real, so when someone told them they were real, people would just believe them and pass on the story as the truth. Many people have said they have seen everything above. Which is more likely; that the things above were or are real, or that someone made them up?

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wishful thinking (the illusion that what you wish for is actually true) • FANTASY (verb)

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