Is Animal Farm by George Orwell an allegorical novel?

The universal message of George Orwell's "Animal Farm" is that all violent revolutions which aim to and initially succeed in overthrowing repressive totalitarian regimes, after a brief idealistic period rapidly deteriorate into totalitarian and repressive regimes themselves. Orwell illustrates and clarifies this profound universal truth by his allegorical novel "Animal Farm" in which the animals and the incidents represent the characters and incidents of the Russian Revolution.

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A worksheet with pre-reading activities for those about to study Animal Farm by George Orwell: It provides an explanation of the terms allegory, satire and fable, includes student activities on simile and metaphor and looks at how human and animal characteristics may be exploited by a writer in allegorical tales such as Orwell's text.

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Description: This is an animated version of George Orwell's classic novel that presents an allegory of the early history of the Soviet Union and, metaphorically, a story about the dangers and risks of the betrayal of any revolution.

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