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I taught history and economics for eight years before becoming an instructional specialist, and I would suggest that we re-think our desired learning outcomes in the 21st century. Is it more important that Johnny or Suzie can parrot back the names of Henry VIII’s wives or the definition of diminishing marginal cost? Or would we rather they be able to evaluate the reasons for the growing rift between Henry and the Papacy, or to explain why a monopoly may not necessarily have to be a bad thing?

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Additionally, the lack of acknowledgement of the “invisible” social and environmental consequences (in production, process, and waste disposal) of technology in the 21st century (let alone a call to examine and act upon other social justice issues)–almost makes this article completely ignorable.

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It is as though this blogger (a self described elementary school teacher and entreprenuer in Iceland) is living in a world with blinders on. What I feel most worked up about, is that I know Hrannar’s perspective is not unique. In his piece about what should and shouldn’t be part of 21st century schools, there is no mention of how climate change, peak oil, habitat destruction, species extinction, potential economic meltdown, poverty inequality, or any of the other imminent challenges that we are facing are going to affect our lives in the upcoming years.

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In today's global economy, students need to be lifelong learners who have the knowledge and skills to adapt to an evolving workplace and world. To address these demands, Standard 9, 21st Century Life and Careers, which includes the 12 Career Ready Practices, establishes clear guidelines for what students need to know and be able to do in order to be successful in their future careers and to achieve financial independence.

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Although I believe in mostly all of the points this article makes…it is virtually impossible to implement most of these points. In my opinion this is the problem with education; we continue to believe that education is the sole responsibility of schools and those who directly educate students. Although, this article is correct in naming what is obsolete in education, it fails to mention the ABSOLUTE need for parents and guardians to be active participants in their children’s education. We will never reach our goals of equitably educating children without understanding that educating children is far more complicated than leaving all the educating at the teachers classroom doorstep. My response is not meant to be negative toward the author and their apparent passion for education. I only want to point out that I do want the changes that are highlighted in this article, but without truly addressing our students, their families, socioeconomic status, & lessening the political nature of education, we will not see the changes that are vital for the progression of 21st century learners.

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That doesn’t speak to priorities or incentives, it simply speaks to your actions in a very particular case. You don’t incentivise the actions your county took by dropping the amount of total funds available. This principle is generally true in economics. When the economy is experiencing a contraction, you inject funds, you don’t pull them out. When you want higher quality workers, you offer more to them in both benefits and pay, the same is true for schools. Efficiency is something that will occur more generally, and more naturally, as smarter minds are incented to join in on the industry. Efficiency that is not forced in order to make an invalid point about a faulty policy. Another thing that is generally a plain misconception is that outsourcing provides more for less, when in fact that is usually in a minority of the cases as many studies show. In fact, by and large, efficiency usually drops, as does quality. The fact is, education in our country is crap, and by and large it is well known to be as a result of a republican agenda to follow misguided psuedo-economic arguments that put our military budget at a ludicrously high level, and our education system at the lowest rung of developing nations in terms of quality. Also, I would suggest to your republican leaning friends that they spend the time they put into scrutinizing the public school system into their beloved military budget, they might encounter a lot of what you deem to be “inefficiencies”. So although your anecdotal case may somehow (although this still seems doubtful) confirm your own biases, it is not generally the case. But it does confirm one thing for sure – that my hypothesis was correct – the GOP is responsible for your lack of funding.