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If temperature affects the sex ratio of sea turtles, how might climate change impact populations in the future? Currently, sea turtle populations that nest in the southern portion of the United States are predominately female biased. It has been suggested (Hawkes 2007) that if there is even a 1 C warming of average temperatures, an even more significant bias could occur. If average warming exceeds 3 C, mortality rates of the eggs may also occur.

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"Our study demonstrates how moisture may change the incubation conditions inside nests by changing the temperature experienced by eggs, which affects development, growth and sex ratios," said Wyneken. "Furthermore, results of our study highlight the importance of including moisture conditions when predicting embryo growth and sex ratios and in developing proxies of embryonic development. Improving accuracy is particularly important when trying to assess the impact of climate change in species with temperature-dependent sex determination and other forms of environmental determination."

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Media release: A University of Canberra-led research collaboration has discovered the key to how temperature affects sex determination in reptiles.

3. Do Painted Turtles select nest sites to determine offspring sex ratio or to decrease offspring mortality?

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Wow! Thanks for writing this up. This is a topic I’ve been wanting to do research on myself! I’ve known about temperature dependent sex determination for a while – but the additional detail on how it works makes it so much clearer!

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Unlike humans, turtles and other reptiles like crocodiles who lay their eggs do not have sex chromosomes. In sea turtles, sex is determined by the nest's environment: warmer temperatures produce females and cooler temperatures produce males.

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Re 2: There are many ways in which sea turtles will be affected by climate change. Probably two of the most significant are the potential change in sex ratio and the reduction of nesting habitat.
– The sex of a hatchling turtle is determined by the temperature at which it incubates. Eggs incubating at cooler temperatures turn into male turtles. Eggs incubating at warmer temperatures turn into female turtles. The change in the sex ratio of the nests caused by warmer temperatures can skew the population and lead to population decline.
– With climate change and overall global warming comes the melting of the polar ice caps and resulting sea level rise. Because so much of our coast line is developed and the beaches can’t move back to accommodate the rising oceans, beach habitat will decline. It will become harder and harder for sea turtle females to find suitable beaches on which to build a nest and lay their eggs. More nests will be in danger of washing out. Fewer successful nests leads to fewer turtles and population decline.

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“The dragon lizard has sex chromosomes similar to birds that determine sex at normal temperatures. But at high temperatures, embryos with male sex chromosomes reverse sex and hatch as females,” Dr Holleley said.

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Many reptiles, such as crocodiles and marine turtles, don’t have sex chromosomes like humans and other mammals. Instead, their gender is set by the temperature at which their eggs are incubated.

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For the study, the researchers incubated eggs from the Trachemys scripta elegans, a semi-aquatic turtle, under different temperature and moisture regimes to study the effect of the two environmental factors on developmental rate, egg mass, embryo mass and length, and sex ratio. They monitored embryonic development until stage 22 when their sex is determined. Turtle embryonic development is divided into 27 stages. The pivotal temperature is the constant temperature (29 degrees Celsius or 84.2 degrees Fahrenheit) at which 50:50 sex ratio is expected. Sex ratio was based on expression levels of Sox9 and all data were tested for normality and for homogeneity before statistical analysis.