Until recently I was walking into work everyday

I cannot image anyone going for a 5-10 minute run unless it’s on a treadmill in a gym. Even then people tend to do other cardiovascular exercise including walking on the very same treadmill in the gym.

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My main running exercise is playing tennis. Hard to believe, I’ve been doing so for around 30 years. When I began hitting in my youth I played everyday. Over time my knees really have taken a beating, becoming overly sore. The painful knees got to the point where I could hit once a week comfortably, and twice a week pushing through pain.

journey which involved using a car, and the same journey using a bus.

For 95% of Homosapiens existence on earth we have walked every day to gather food and collect water, only running occasionally and in short high intensity spurts in order to escape being eaten or to catch something to supplement what we (mostly women) had gathered.

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This sort of ‘epidemiological’ evidence cannot tell us for sure that running is having benefits here (just that running is associated with the benefits found). However, the article also cites research showing that in individuals who have had a heart attack, those who take up exercise have better outcomes than those who don’t.

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The editorial goes on to compare the benefits associated with running with those associated with walking. Overall, it seems the benefits of a 5-minute run match those of a 15-minute walk. Also, broadly speaking, it seems the benefits associated with a 25-minute run are, overall, equivalent to walking for 1 hour 45 minutes. The authors make the point that if one is young and vibrant, running is more time-efficient.

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This editorial, I think, is a thoughtful and useful contribution to the conversation on activity and exercise. What the authors do, I believe, is take a balanced and pragmatic approach, highlighting the benefits of a form of activity most people can partake in with little risk of injury and may contribute to enhanced wellbeing and health for pretty much the whole of their lives.

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Until recently I was walking into work everyday. Total time 40mins in 3mths I lost 2 stones in weight . Prior to that I had usedu the car and diet was good but hadn’t lost any weight. Once I started walking noticed feeling of well being and after a few weeks weight loss. Can’t run as have hip replacement was young for this but had been very active in the past competing in Athletics at national level. Have been hurt badly in accident resulting in compound fracture however now starting to walk again and put recovery down to 4 months of walking everywhere. Hope to get back to previous walking time and not using car.

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Some people love to run, are well suited to it, and that is all good and well. However, for many (including those who are substantially overweight), running is generally not ideal exercise. Many would rather stick pins in their eyes than go running outside or on a treadmill. For a lot of us, walking offers what looks to be a viable and sustainable activity, particularly as we age. Not all of us were ‘born to run’, but almost all of us were ‘born to walk’, I think.

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I recently read an interesting editorial in the Journal of American College of Cardiology about the relative benefits of walking and running [1]. The editorial is partly a comment on a paper published in the same edition of the journal which found that running for 5-10 minutes a day is associated with a 45 per cent reduced risk of dying from cardiovascular disease over a 15-year period. Overall mortality was also reduced (by 30 per cent).