The necklace showed point of view, the author was focusing on Mme.

At most they were worth five hundred francs!” This quote tells me that the necklace she went through paying off through the years was fake and way less than what she payed for the real necklace.

Like wealth the necklace is the object of Mathilde's mad desire.

Loisel and Monsieur Loisel had to go find the replica of the necklace she had lost after the party.

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They had to work desperately hard for ten years to pay it all back.
The Necklace by Guy de Maupassant
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Brief Summary
The book “The Necklace” was an interesting short story.

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The overall setting relates to the theme is to not be greedy and be good with what you have.
Next, the conflict in The Necklace is very important.

ThemeLastly, the theme is one of the most important parts to a short story.
The necklace as a symbol of wealth itself and flashy, but false, in the end.

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So that means her future was not going to be messed up by all those ten years paying off the real necklace that was fake.

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Instead of completely changing and messing up her life.Point of ViewThe point of view of The Necklace would be the third person point of view.

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