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Lots of cuneiform clay tablets have been found in Semite and Persian language that show that it was the common system of writing of ancient Middle East civilization, but slowly, as other languages came into being and after the downfall of Babylonia after 323 BC, the Sumerian language and the cuneiform script died out.

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Cuneiform script, one of the earliest systems of writing, was invented by the Sumerians

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The earliest known documents in cuneiform were written by the Sumerians of southern Mesopotamia, who assigned their own word-sounds to the symbols. Later, the Akkadians adopted the symbols but pronounced them as corresponding Akkadian words. Cuneiform thus passed successively from one people to another. The Akkadians were succeeded by the Babylonians, and they by the Assyrians.

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The way to write eighty would to put the symbol for 60 and add two symbols for 10 after that.

The Sumerian language died out around the 18th century BCE, but cuneiform was still learned.

It could be categorized as: (1) Sumerian cuneiform, (2) Babylonian cuneiform and (3) Assyrian cuneiform.
The signs on this panel are very interesting, as in the other panels we see a combination of Proto-Sumerian and cuneiform signs.

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a people called the Sumerians began to develop a writing system called "cuneiform" ("wedge-shaped"), written on wet clay with a sharpened stick, or stylus.

The Sumerian language became the prevailing speech of the land, and the people here developed the cuneiform script, a system of writing on clay.

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It is known to be the most significant of many cultural contributions of the Sumerians
Over time, the symbols changed greatly, becoming extensively detailed.
The following is a video on writing in cuneiform.
This form of writing uses many different dashes and indents, rather then symbols and pictures
Cuneiform writing was invented by the ancient Sumerians around 3500 B.C.

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The Rosetta Stone was written by a group of priests in Egypt to honor the Egyptian pharaoh, listing all of the things that the pharaoh has done that are good.

Cuneiform is a writing system that was first developed by the ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia in 3500-3000 BCE.