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Sir Spangled summoned his sidekick, Liberty Bonds the dog, who wore a hat that read "liberty bonds." As a child, Steve Rogers-616 wrote a comic strip mirroring this reality.

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Victor vonDoom, the Doombot who had been part of Avengers AI in this realityassumed the mantle of being the true Doom and summoned Avengers fromthe past (Hulk/Bruce Banner in unstable early gamma experimentationdays; Iron Man (James Rhodes) during his first stint while sufferingintermittent headaches due to armor not being synched to him; ThorOdinson while suffering Hela's brittle immortality curse); present(Black Widow and Vision/unintentionally); and future (Thor/JaneFoster/ner future of Reality-616; Captain America/Danielle Cage ofReality-15061 ("20XX") to overthrow/destroy Odin so "Doom" could rulein his place; recognizing Dooombot's true nature, Vision-616 playedalong and then guided Doombot to cast off Doom's programming and becomea relatively benevolent ruler, over the centuries guiding humanityto thrive and live free again with the Asgardians as humanity'sprotectors; his growing civilization voyaged in peace and harmony tothe edges of teh cosmos.

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Is Miss Sidley the burnt out, stressed and nearly retired teacher with no future prospects who finally snaps within the system and kills her students, or is there truly some dark and sinister force at work within the children?

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Sep 05, 2016 · And with "Suffer the Little Children," I do think he's ..

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An overview of "Suffer the Little Children" by Stephen King.

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