The first question concerns the destruction of Jerusalem.

When used negativelythey define the (in-)humanity of those who set themselves over against God. In Matthew the two key passages for understanding theevangelist's structuring are 1.1 and 23.23.

Revelation 19 highlights the destruction of the beast’s armies.

The third aspect of the end time sequence concerns the destruction of the beast.

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Matthew chapters 1 and 2 are original to the book. Matthew chapters 3 and 4 follow Mark. From this point on, up to chapter 13 much of the material in the first five chapters of Mark, as well as assorted verses from later chapters, appears in tossed salad form interspersed within material original to the gospel of Matthew. From chapter 14 onwards Matthew once again follows the gospel of Mark, with a few omissions (some of which have been moved to earlier chapters of the gospel, and some of which are simply disposed of). There are also interpolations of new material. When new material is inserted in these chapters Matthew will return to pick up where Mark's gospel left off. To generalize, Matthew does not bother following Mark's arrangement from chapters 1 to 5 and the follows the schema of Mark's gospel from chapter 6 in Mark's gospel onwards. This is a pretty strong indication that Matthew was familiar with Mark's gospel, and thus the gospel of Mark has priority and was the first one written. It is also interesting to note that the careful arrangement of parables in the beginning chapters of Mark's gospel contained a particularly strong polemical attack on the Torah, and this might explain why Matthew does not bother following Mark until chapter six, and then, interestingly enough, when Mark launches the strongest attack on the Torah beginning in chapter 6 this is where the Matthew account begins to follow along in Mark's arrangement, although Matthew dilutes the careful structural arrangement found in chapters 6 and 7 in Mark's account. (Follow the link above to the commentary on the gospel of Mark for more detail.)

Matt 13 is hinge in the literary structure of the book

The following structural chart shows how material from Mark's gospel appears in Matthew's gospel, but you should keep in mind that even when Mark's material is used, it is often edited, or expanded upon by a few verses. For a more detailed analysis consult the , or follow the links to individual chapters of The Synoptic Gospels Compared to Matthew given in the chart below. Passages from Mark's gospel are in BLACK and blocks of scripture unique to Matthew's gospel (not appearing in Mark) are in RED.

In ‘The Meaning of the Sermon on the Mount’, I summarised the structure of the sermon thus:

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enter kingdom of heaven (5.20) 5.9 peacemakers 5.21-26 be reconciled to thy brother (5.24) Second Group 5.8 Pure in heart 5.27-37 Adultery in his heart (5.28); offending eye (5.29) or heart (5.30); let your yes be yes (5.37) 5.7 The merciful 5.38-43 Love your enemies (5.44) 5.6 Hunger and thirst after righteousness 6.1-18 Your righteousness (6.1); the three Pharisaic works of almsgiving (6.2-4), prayer (6.6-15) and fasting (6.16-18) First Group 5.5 The meek ...

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As with Matthew 24:4-31, the book of Revelation fills in many details left out of Daniel’s seventh chapter summary, but the basic structure is the same.

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Betz, notingthe wide gate that leads to life and the narrow gate that leads to destructionof Matt 7.13-14, recognizes the motif of the Two Ways.

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Fr Jack Mahoney looks again at the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew’s Gospel, describing how the structure of the sermon can help us to understand what Jesus wanted to tell his disciples. What are we to make of the new righteousness, which ‘exceeds that of the scribes and Pharisees’, to which Jesus is calling his followers?

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x), he concludes that the Sermon onthe Mount is not of the Two Ways genre because he has not discerned the pre-Matthaeanstructural relationship of 5.1-7.29 to 22.15-24.35 which balances the Sermon onthe Mount (the way to life) against the Woes (the way to destruction).

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The final element of the three accounts concerns the destruction of the perpetrator of the unparalleled persecution and the kingdom of God that follow.