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, however, does not fall into either of these simple patterns of electoral skewing for there is no conscious form of ex ante discrimination. From the ex ante perspective no one can identify the determinate class of individuals who benefit or are burdened from the choice of this or that standard for counting ballots. It is not as though one standard was used for Gore voters and another for Bush voters. It is thus no surprise that the per curiam opinion was unable to explain why this asserted equal protection violation worked to Bush�s disadvantage. Here the key feature of any equal protection challenge is that it takes position on the proper standard for counting votes. Rather, like any argument from distributive justice, it merely argues that cases (or votes) should be treated , but remains agnostic on how any�indeed all�of these cases (or votes) ought to be treated. Hence, even if it were conceded that the disparities in the recount processes between counties and within counties were indefensible, the equal protection analysis only demands that these anomalies be eliminated. But the equal protection critique offers no guidance as to that should be done.

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Gore was born in Washington, D.C., the second of two children of Albert Gore Sr

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Governor Bush has offered a comprehensive reform agenda that will ensure that every child is educated; lift the income tax burden on Americans; save and strengthen social security; and revitalize our military.

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Accordingly, the appropriate remedy (at least if time is no constraint) is to remand the case to the Florida courts to decide which uniform standard should apply. At this point, Gore�s prospects have to improve. The Florida Supreme Court made painfully clear that it held that the clear intention of the voter was the touchstone of Florida�s election law. It takes little imagination that, if it had been forced to adopt a uniform standard for all punch-card ballots, the Florida Supreme Court could leap to that standard that maximized the number of undervotes that were included in the final tally. It was not just chance that Broward County had produced 567 net Gore votes and Palm Beach County only around 200. No one could be certain that this change in the rules of the game would have erased the slender Bush advantage, but it surely would have been possible.

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but that a strong military will act as a deterrent to security threats

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