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Unfortunately, an early analysis of the Domestic Violence Gun Ban on police officers shows that law enforcement officers have been able to circumvent the ban and retain their weapons. A 1999 survey of the nation's largest 100 police departments revealed that only six cities acted against officers because of the Domestic Violence Gun Ban and only eleven officers were affected. Part of the reason for the lack of enforcement is that police officers plead to a charge other than domestic violence. However, there are also other problems.

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It may occur in an officer that believes in proactive policing in a caretaker reactive department.

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In fact, an in-depth investigation of the Los Angeles Police Department conducted by the Office of the Inspector General concluded that the discipline imposed on officers found guilty of domestic violence "was exceedingly light when the facts of each incident were examined" (p. i).

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The study of the Los Angeles Police Department further examined the 91 cases in which an allegation of domestic violence was sustained against an officer.

It can make a police officer question whether the job has any meaning or value.

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Chicago Police Department
The Chicago Police Department has taken the lead in implementing progressive policies to handle domestic violence perpetrated by its employees. The department has established an independent unit within the Office of Professional Responsibility to investigate these cases, under civilian leadership. Active outreach is also conducted with families of police officers and an advocate is employed by the department solely to work with spouses of CPD personnel.

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is a unique web site devoted to providing resources for victims of domestic violence whose abusers are police officers and firefighters. Content includes tactics of abuse, impact upon victims and their families and friends, dealing with the justice system, and many other topics. The site also addresses the impact on the career of the police officer who is a victim of domestic violence. The website is published by Diane Wetendorf, Inc. Diane is a national expert in this area and longtime advocate for victims of police-perpetrated domestic violence. The Victim Handbook described above is also available for downloading.

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Having served the El Paso Police Department as volunteer chaplain since 1992, I have profound respect for each of you and the service you provide. I treasure the opportunity to know many of you personally having responded to incidents you were working, having provided support to you and your family when you experienced personal crises, being present when tragedy visits the department and visiting with you at EPMPOA meetings. Although I work full time as a chaplain in the private sector, my goal is to be available to provide support and encouragement to the best of my ability for the members of this department. Please know that my intention is never to proselytize or force religion upon you, but support you in the stressful work in which you are involved and stressful incidents you encounter on a daily basis, to be a listener when you need to talk and to be a friend in whom you may confide.

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Nobody really knows why, except that knowing this there's no excuse for law enforcement administrators not to making sure officers are followed closely for at least two years after an incident.

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Dr. Peters has worked with over 4000 police officers since the 1980's. He writes about police officers' experiences of PTSD. His book is proactive, talks about burnout and resilience as well as suggestions regarding treatment options. This book is now out of print and was kindly donated to PPTSG for reading and downloading.