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More than 170 fleet safety professionals came together October 12-13 for the NETS’ STRENGTH in NUMBERS® Benchmark Conference held this year in Orlando, Florida. To read more about the conference, click here: Conference Summary View the agenda from last year’s conference. View the presentations from last year’s conference. If you are not a NETS member but

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There is strength in numbers, and if we all work together as a team, we can be unstoppable.

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The bonus of playing the lottery as a part of a syndicate is that you may be able to play more number combinations, more frequently and/or on more lottery games that you may not have even thought about before.

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Fellow pub goers from The Kings Arms, in Essex established a syndicate comprising of 16 members. The syndicate was formed almost three years prior and led by Emma Crawford, the landlady of The Kings Arms. In February 2017 they matched five numbers and a bonus number, landing them a win of £187,109 which means £11,694 per member. The members will use their winnings to do home improvements, upgrade vehicles and for trips abroad.

Here at Strength we handle all your sampling needs which include numbering and tagging of your calico sample bags.

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With a mighty hand and stretched out arm, and he will conduct them through the wilderness, and bring them safe to Canaan's land; he that brought them from thence will not suffer them to perish by any means; it is in vain to attempt to curse a people that is in such hands, and for whom he has done such great things: Jarchi thinks this stands opposed to what Balak had said, , thou sayest, "lo, a people is come out of Egypt";"they did not come out of themselves, but God brought them:" he hath as it were the strength of an unicorn; that is, not God, but the people he brought out of Egypt, being a mighty people, able to push their enemies and subdue them, being numerous and strong, especially as strengthened by the mighty God of Jacob; and therefore their strength is expressed by the strength of this creature; for be it what it will, whether the rhinoceros or the wild ox, or one kind of goats, as Bochart (l) thinks; whatever is meant by the term here must be a strong creature, see and great is the strength of the spiritual Israel of God, which they have from him to exercise grace, perform duty, withstand and overcome all their spiritual enemies, sin, Satan, and the world.


In 2005 a syndicate of 11 Tesco employees from Yorkshire pocketed a £18.2 million lottery jackpot. Their syndicate had started off with 13 people in the same year that their store installed a lottery terminal back in 1995. Each member chose a line of numbers and those were the numbers played every week. When a member opted out of the syndicate another member picked up the line without changing the numbers. Each member won £1.4 million and the two members that picked up the departed members lines each won an additional £1.4 million. These syndicate members lives were changed with one winning lottery ticket.

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Groups of like-minded individuals form syndicates, pool their money and play various numbers or various lottery games. They can be groups of family members, friends, work colleagues or even complete strangers.


There is most definitely strength in numbers and this is proven to be true the world over, throughout history. Would you believe that this is also true for people playing the lottery?