I see it as the pure loss of innocence in a world of corruption.

The woman in ‘The Woman at the Store’, we can that she has already lost her innocence, whereas in the other stories we see the point where characters have lost their innocence....

What exactly does “losing their innocence” mean.

The loss of innocence is culture specific and involves something that society holds sacrosanct.
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Losing one’s innocence can be seen as a character maturing.

Atticus, she told me how I should have treated her-oh dear, I'm so sorry I romped on her.'" Page 87
*said by Uncle Jack
*reveals Scout and Atticus' characters
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Would you rather live your life being innocent and not trying new things or would you rather losing your innocence as the years go by?

The story reveals a multilayered cacophony of loss....

It was the first time I had ever walked away from a fight."(76-77)

*said by Scout
*symbolizes her maturity
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The topic Loss of innocence is very significant in the novel
To Kill A Mockingbird

In this novel, setting, character, and symbols develop the theme of loss of innocence....
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The Loss Of Innocence Poem by Anita John - Poem Hunter.

My childhood innocence was interrupted when I was eleven years old. It started out with me walking to school, stopping at the little store along the way and spending my lunch money on Beatles bubble gum cards. I did this just about every day. Within a few hours, my outlook on life would change forever.

What does "loss of innocence" mean in literature? | …

William Golding’s Lord of the Flies illustrates the loss of innocence through various characters: Jack, who struggles with pride and a thirst for power; Roger, who revels in the pain of others and uses fear to control the boys; Simon, who represents the demise of purity when humans are at their most savage; Ralph, who illustrates the struggle people endure when attempting to be civilized near the savage; and Piggy, who suffers because he has the only technology necess...

losing one's innocence is tantamount to losing one's virginity

After giving the artwork some thought I realised that this portrayal of the loss of innocence of children was exceptionally relevant in New Zealand and couldn’t better reflect the growing epidemic across New Zealand that divides families and disturbs children - domestic violence....

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- One of the byproducts of writing stories of early memories is finding a memory that was almost lost in the mist of time!

Loss Of Innocence in To Kill A Mockingbird ..

Candide seems to be a representation of people's innocence and how they tend to lose it throughout their lifetime as they witness and experience new things in the world and grow wary of the consequences that every different situation may hold....

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One of those symbolic figures that seems to stand out in the story is the character Candide, a gullible and innocent boy who experiences many hardships after being vanished from the castle of the baron von Thunder-ten-tronckh.