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New Years Eve day will be the 155th anniversary of one of the forgotten battles of the Civil War–Stones River (styled Murfreesboro by the Confederates). The battle was actually fought over two days–31 December, 1862 and 2 January, 1863. It resulted in almost 25,000 casualties, but was overshadowed by other events. The Union disaster at Fredericksburg on 13 December and the subsequent Mud March fiasco in January–these events took place much closer to the political capital and media centers of the North–attracted far more notice. The destruction of Grant’s supply depot at Holly Springs on 20 December, and his subsequent retreat from northern Mississippi (thereby terminating his first attempt at Vicksburg) and the nearly simultaneous bloodying of Sherman at Chickasaw Bluffs outside of Vicksburg also detracted attention from the battle in middle Tennessee. The indecisive nature of the combat also helped doom the battle to obscurity: there was no real victor, and no major strategic outcome from all the bloodletting.

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Remembering a Forgotten Battle: Stones River, 1862-63.

Stones River was the middle of three gruesome battles fought between the Army of the Ohio/Cumberland and the Army of Mississippi/Tennessee between 8 October, 1862 (Perryville) and 19-20 September, 1863 (Chickamauga). All three battles demonstrated the offensive prowess of Bragg’s Confederate army. At Perryville, a Rebel offensive pulverized McCook’s corps. At Stones River, the Southern assault wrecked McCook’s Corps again, and did considerable damage to Crittenden’s as well. At Chickamauga, the Confederate onslaught crushed both. Only when Union troops fought behind fortifications were they ever able to withstand an attack by the Army of Tennessee, until that attack was spent.*

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Moreover, in each battle, stalwart defenses by relatively small Union commands delayed and disrupted the Confederate attacks sufficiently to allow the Union troops to rally sufficiently to avoid annihilation. At Perryville, Starkweather’s brigade performed this vital task. At Stones River, Sheridan’s division held long enough in the cedars to permit Rosecrans to form a final line at the Nashville Pike. Further, Hazen’s brigade held the Round Forest against repeated attacks. At Chickamauga, the stand around Horseshoe Ridge anchored by Harker’s and Vanderveer’s brigades plus the detritus of many Union regiments permitted Thomas to extract the Union army from its parlous position.

As an aside, the 24th Wisconsin was a new regiment at Stones River, and had the snot kicked out of it multiple times there.
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Beginning in 3:1 of the we are told that Joshua and the people set out from Shittim(Acacia Grove) until they arrive at the edge of the Jordan River. Thepeople then follow behind the priests who bear the Ark of the Covenant;and as the priests’ feet dip into the Jordan, the rushing waterspromptly halt, forming a passageway of dry ground for them, v.v. 13-15. And after crossing, the Divine voice tells Joshua to take twelvestones from the Jordan’s waters and place them in thenew land they had just entered, one large stone for each of the twelvetribes.

The Battle of Stones River (Murfreesboro) December 31 - January 2, 1863

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Route will include Belle Meade Blvd, Post Road and the Richland Creek Greenway 7:00 AM—Sunday, March 25Stones River Stroll—20ish milesLeave from Wave country.

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TheJordan eventsignifies the men becoming newly spiritually uponcrossingbecause the spirit of God descended upon them and fused with theirspirit asthey crossed its waters ( means the .Thefurtheract of physical circumcision at Gilgal only affirmed what they hadalreadyreceived at the crossing. The twelve rough stones inserted into theJordansignify (i.e. death to the old sinful self ), butthetwelve smooth ones taken out, (a new,spiritualbeginning). The rough stones were put into the river to figurativelydrownclearlyrelating to the Egyptian army at the Red Sea. Moreover, in Nehemiah 9:9-11 thepursuing Egyptians are depicted as a “stone” hurled intothe Red Sea. The twosets of stones, therefore, symbolize two statuses, and circumcision. The specific area at Gilgal where they were circumcisedwas namedGibeath-Haaraloth, , Joshua 5:3. However,circumcision of the flesh itself is only symbolic of circumcision ofthe see further below. Even so, casting the circumcised flesh into a moundsymbolizes casting away sin.