Put that in your pipe and smoke it."

Two stroke engines fascinate me. They are so simple and fun that I've always enjoyed tinkering with them. There are many ways to boost the power, one of which is by installing a "tuned" pipe. The way a two stroke motor works causes them to be fairly noisy and a bit inefficient. A tuned pipe has a set of cones- Divergent (meaning the cone gets bigger) and Convergent (meaning the cone gets smaller) that are built to cause "echoes" or pressure waves to reflect back, which if done properly can increase the power of the engine. Check out this link, it will make a little more sense.

Animation of Two Stroke expansion chamber:

As the pressure wave reflects back, it has a similar effect to turbocharging or supercharging a 4 stroke- it rams fuel and air that leaked into the pipe back into the cylinder under higher pressure, causing the motor to have more power (more fuel & air = bigger bang). That's a very loose explanation, but there you go.

I've always wanted to build an expansion chamber... This is where P.O.J. (pronounced Podge) comes in. This Piece Of Junk was (and is) my first motorcycle... found it in a grain bin around '95, back when I wasn't allowed to have bikes. Somehow, this one snuck home. I dug it out of storage a few years ago and began this process, so follow along as I make mistakes and learn a thing or two about building your own expansion chamber!

Please note, this is NOT the only way to do this. I think there is an easier way- done by cutting out two sheets in the correct shape, welding the edges, and the pumping ultra high pressure water in to "expand" the pipe, but I didn't have the tools at the time to do it like that. This is just how I did it...

In such form it can be broken into two steps.

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Step 1: put that (marijuana) in your .

Like many of the devices of its kind, the Stick comes with a battery life indicator prominently displayed a short distance below the drip tip. The tank is clear, so that you can see your e-juice level, and the rest of the pen is a shapely, tube design. You can order your stick in several different color options, including matte black, metallic silver, and a 7-colored design that looks a bit like some tooty-fruity candy. The entire device can be easily disassembled, which makes it a breeze to clean. If you’re obsessive about cleaning your vaping devices – and I know I can’t be the only one – then you’ll really appreciate just how simple that is here.

Operate gas appliance for several minutes to establish draft.2.

Recently Smok have released a new version of this kit known as the which is a slight improvement to the V8 kit, nevertheless let’s take a look at this kit. This is a starter kit, so you almost know what you’re going to see before you open the package. After all, the whole reason for buying a kit is to get everything that you need to own to get started vaping right out of the box. Well, with the Smok Stick V8, you get a powerful 3000 mAh battery to provide all the power you need for those prolonged vaping sessions. You also get the infamous TFV8 big baby tank, and 2 V8 baby m3 core dual coils – one of which is pre-installed. There’s also the standard USB cord for charging, spare parts, a manual, and a vape band to help you keep track of the device.

Also useful to test smoke alarms or find energy leaks around windows and doors.

See the picture below for the positioning of the holes.

That’s right, fast food will kill you far faster then puffin’ a pipe a few times a week. Have we not all seen ‘super size me’? The maker of the film ended up with perminent liver and kidney damage from just a month of so of Mcdonalds. There sure are a lot of old pipe puffers out there tho!:)
Pipes are a mature hobby of course where mediation is required…
I for one HATE cigarettes in every respect…they are FILLED with chemicals that are far more dangerous then natural tobacco…

I have sourced a converter that will do this (from e-bay).

I have smoked a pipe once and it not only tasted good but it was amazing in all respects. i found this article to be very informative and i will definitely use some of the tips givin as i am a beginner at pipes.

Canister seals tightly and is great for carrying in toolbox or truck.

Yes Sir: There is tabacco that is cured ( dry ) then fermented ,cut to the size desire for pipe smoking and the only thing that has been aded is water . No chemicals casings topings ect.

NOTE: A properly sized blower is important.

Understand something here please! Everyone does thing that they enjoy. And, these things may not be conducive to superb health (like people who eat bad foods and too much of them for instance!). But, the fact of the matter is just that; it is something done to enable one to enjoy their life, enjoy their time, enjoy something for what it is. If pipe smokers get cancer, so be it. But honestly, you do not hear about that much. SO MIND YOU OWN FRIGGIN BUSINESS BUSYBODY!

Notations should be made of leak locations.

Hookahs on the other hand i know very well. I love how it tastes and smokes and it is amazing as well. I wish it wasnt so hard to set up and clean though. Oh well. Good things are never completely free 🙂