In the Star Wars film there was two sides, light and dark.

"Star Wars is an example of what Joseph Campbell called the Monomyth, which reaches a broader audience and is more enduring," said Shanti Fader, editor of Parabola magazine, a publication of the Society for the Study of Myth and Tradition.

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Campbell defined the Hero Cycle, a course of events that occurs as a rite of initiation in every myth, pinpointing the need for mentors, villains, elixirs and jesters along the way. Each step can be traced in the adventures of Star Wars hero Luke Skywalker.

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"Yes, I consider him a mentor," Lucas said at a recent New York press conference. "He was an amazing scholar and an amazing person. When I started doing Star Wars, I re-read Hero with a Thousand Faces. After Return of the Jedi, somebody gave me a tape of one of his lectures. I was just blown away by that. He was much more powerful as a speaker than he was as a writer."

So, how does any of this relate to George Lucas or Star Wars? Lucas used Campbell's work to help develop the Star Wars plot:

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It may turn out that Anakin is the ultimate hero, and his Darth Vader identity is merely the low point he endures on the trail of a finer elixir. A rumor dating back to 1977 that Lucas would create nine Star Wars films has since been denied. However, with The Phantom Menace beginning with Anakin's childhood and chapter six, Return of the Jedi, ending with his immortality, Anakin's Hero Cycle could logically be completed in six films.

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"For all that we like our gritty stories and our dark, brooding anti-heroes, how many of those gritty stories have endured?" she asked. "People may not realize it on the surface, but (the Star Wars story) touches something inside us in a way that mere entertainment doesn't."

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I started this essay with an anecdote about the very first time I was exposed to Star Wars. I want to end it by going back to my childhood yet again, with another story I can't forget. Because I was a Star Wars nerd (something that still holds true today, and something I proudly wear on my sleeve) I subscribed to Star Wars Insider magazine. There was one particular issue where a man had written in to the editor to recount his love for Star Wars. After giving accolades to the magazine, he went on to say that he was now in the Air Force, flying fighter jets over some foreign territory.

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The most obvious is the massive exposure and instantaneous cult of devotion that surrounds The Phantom Menace. Lucas is the first mass media mythologist, which causes some academics to question placing him among the elite creators of legends. Ancient myths thrived on the power of their stories alone, not mass communication"There is the test-of-time thing to consider," Feder said. "A lot of people would hesitate to put the label of 'myth' on something relatively new like Star Wars. But, a myth is a myth, no matter what trappings we put on it. Give them light sabers instead of swords and it doesn't matter."

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By revealing Darth Vader's redemption from the dark side of the Force in Return of the Jedi, Lucas has already informed audiences that there is light after the shadows. It's that promise of goodness that Feder believes is vital to the Star Wars phenomenon and Lucas' place among the master mythmakers.