Workplace Stalking: Protect Yourself and Those Around You

Protects employees from workplace violence. A Workplace Violence Restraining Order can only be requested by an employer on behalf of their employee.

Of the women surveyed who had been stalked by an intimate partner:

It can only be considered stalking if the victim has had a relationship with the stalker.

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Jane Doe Inc. supported the creation of a new law, MGL c.258E, to create Harassment Prevention Orders that provide a civil remedy for victims of stalking, harassment or sexual assault, requiring the offender to stay away from and to not contact the victim. This law closed an unacceptable and dangerous gap in protection for victims who did not meet the relationship requirements of a domestic violence restraining order under MGL c.209A. The new protection order under 258E closely mirrors the protections offered by MGL c.209A.


Research shows an enormous overlap between stalking and sexual and domestic violence. The National Violence Against Women Survey (NVAW) survey found that:

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Stalking victims often live in constant fear that at any moment their safety and lives may be threatened. Never knowing when the threat may become a violent reality, stalking victims commonly experience anxiety, severe depression, social isolation,and insomnia causing significant disruption and alteration of daily life. Helping stalking victims find safety requires a coordinated community response.

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Celebrity stalking, while very serious, accounts for a small percentage of all stalking cases. Most stalking cases are in the context of domestic violence – the victim is living in fear of someone they once loved and trusted in an intimate partner relationship.

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Commonalities exist between stalking and both sexual assault and domestic violence, and a great deal of overlap occurs with these crimes. The laws in Massachusetts and throughout the country are catching up with what we have come to know and understand about this criminal behavior.

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In the National Violence Against Women (NVAW) Survey, fewer than half of all stalking victims reported that their stalkers directly threatened them. Therefore the second requirement of the law makes proving a stalking case more difficult and excludes a large number of stalking victims from filing charges.

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Stalking behavior and conduct can range from very subtle behavior to extreme and outrageous acts that might sound unbelievable to those less familiar with stalking. A stalker might engage in only one form of stalking behavior while another might engage in a wide variety of different and unpredictable stalking activities.

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Under Massachusetts’ Stalking law, stalking is defined in two parts. First, stalking is a willful and malicious pattern of conduct that seriously alarms and would cause a reasonable person to suffer substantial emotional distress. (MA General Laws, Chapter 265: Section 43) Second, like many other states, Massachusetts’ stalking law also requires that a stalker directly threaten a victim.