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“the Politburo shot everyone who was had a brain and who could become an opponent” does not suggest that anyone with a brain is opponent. Please read the sentence more carefully.

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as for your fairy tales about Jews who served Hitler I prefer to leave it rotten in your soul.

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I am not convinced. The Finnish really gave the Red Army a bloody nose. Stalin was directly responsible for Katyn. There are plenty of examples of mismanagement and incompetence cropping up because the Politburo shot everyone who was had a brain and who could become an opponent. Can you answer why Stalin didn’t move any army units close to the German-Polish border and actually went into denial about the invasion (at first)??? Stalin was pure turkish mingrelian despot.

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The Red Army was being built up for aggression, with high emphasis on the airborne force, with whole army groups being formed up around them. While the airborn excel at launching quick attacks, they were not cut out for a long, protracted defensive war, where they were little more than light infantry. That would explain the sluggish Red Army before the winter of 41/42. As for Stalin, who knows what goes on in the mind of a maniacal mass-murderer.

Learn some history. So called “eastern poland” was russian land occupied by polish.

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Don’t get confused by the description. It’s far not a mass phenomenon on the territory of the former Soviet Union: the bust of Stalin shown on these photos was brought up by a small group of Communists and installed near the Communist party headquarters in the city of Lipetsk. The unveiling of a new monument caused controversy among the locals, and after receiving threats of vandalism against the sculpture, the Communists had to install a CCTV camera to ensure the safety of their precious bust. In 2011, they installed another bust of Stalin in Saint Petersburg, but it was pulled down after a few hours. Yet another bust was installed in the village of Kureika and shared the same fate: it was demolished by the orders of the local administration. There is, however, a small number of other busts and statues of Stalin scattered across Russia, but most of them are either in museums or in private hands, so it is extremely unlikely that you will ever find them during your stay in that country.

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Well they have Kim Jong Il statues in North Korea the only difference being they are still brainwashed from birth in thinking he is a god… Now to have monuments of Stalin built nowaday… One of the men responsible for the largest number of human deaths in history. Only roughly 60 years after his death is just really fucked up I guess…

“Stalin was pure turkish mingrelian despot.” I won’t disagree with you on that one.

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While he was leader Joseph Stalin he steadily increased his power. He got rid of those who threatened him or were against his reforms. Many of his enemies were shot or sent to Siberia. Stalin also created a secret police and a big intelligence agency. A network of spies collected information from all over the world.

Until the establishment of Turkish Republic, Armenian mass murders was not denied.

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Stalin, who grew increasingly paranoid in his later years, died on March 5, 1953, at age 74, after suffering a stroke. His body was embalmed and preserved in Lenin’s mausoleum in Moscow’s until 1961, when it was removed and buried near the Kremlin walls as part of the de-Stalinization process initiated by Stalin’s successor (1894-1971).

He’s french so…..he’d have rolled over and presented his anus for nazi pleasure

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To those not familiar with the situation, I have to say that there is virtually no campaign to rehabilitate Stalin in Russia; opinions of him vary dramatically, but there is no revival of his cult. Putin has publicly expressed his despise towards the Bolsheviks and branded them as traitors and the cause of enormous damage to his country. More than that, numerous monuments have been erected during his presidency, honouring anti-Soviet generals of the civil war (such as Alexander Kolchak and Sergei Markov), Russian emperors (such as Alexander I, Alexander II, Nicholas II) and churchmen (such as Patriarch Hermogenes), which is quite at odds with the Soviet ideology and has outraged the neo-Stalinist minority.