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Up until the 1980's, there were only two television - TVE-1 (La Primera) and TVE-2 (La Dos)- channels in Spain, both of them being state-owned. Today, a few more channels have been thrown into the mix. Basic cable, at least throughout around 85% of Spain, includes six channels. In addition to the state-owned TV-1 (La Primera) and TV-2 (La Dos), there are four channels run by private companies: Antena 3, La Cuatro, Telecinco and La Sexta. Tune in for anything from historical documentaries to popular game shows, Spanish or imported American sitcoms and reality shows.

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Walk by any newspaper kiosk in the street, and we guarantee that you'll be impressed by the sheer quantity and variety of newspapers. In addition to a handful of national newspapers, there is a multitude of regional papers that generally correspond to each of Spain's 17 autonomous communities. So basically, if you're in Galicia for example, you can opt for a national periodical like El Pais or for a Galician newspaper such as La Voz de Galicia. Here's a list of the most popular national newspapers in Spain:

21/03/2017 · Notes on the media in Spain and links to broadcasters and newspapers.

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The internet telecasts originate from broadcasters in a number of countries including Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Spain and Venezuela. News, current events and sport telecasts are available in Spanish.

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The agreement was signed in Palma today by the EIB's director of operations in Spain and Portugal, Birthe Bruhn-Leon, and EMT’s manager, Mateu Marcus, in a ceremony attended by Palma’s mayor Antoni Noguera and the mobility councillor, Joan Ferrer. The project is supported by the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI), the main plank of the European Commission's , also known as the Juncker Plan.

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A number of state-owned and independent broadcasters stream television broadcasts in the Spanish language from their websites. The TV broadcasters included in our streaming media directory were selected in order to provide a diverse range of political opinion and news coverage.

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In addition to newspapers, Spain had a large number of weekly and monthly periodicals that filled in the gaps in newspaper coverage. Two leading weeklies specialized in political reporting: Cambio 16, founded in 1972; and its more recent, somewhat sensationalist rival, Tiempo. Other periodicals for the most part concentrated on entertainment, social events, sports, and television. One of the most popular magazines in Spain, Interviu, combined unrestrained political reporting with equally uninhibited photography. This blending of political and sexual liberation proved highly attractive to Spanish readers, after Franco's repressive policies in both these areas. The best-selling magazine in Spain was the weekly television review Tele-Indiscreta, the large circulation of which indicated the immense popularity of television throughout the country.