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There are two commandments in the opening passage to Parashat Terumah. The first commands the Jewish people to take a contribution, and the second, to

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In this week’s Torah portion, Parashat Terumah, ..

Listen to Audio Lecture here The Symbol of Consummate Love Between God and Israel The Torah portion of Terumah discusses the details of the Sanctuary in which

Parashat Terumah - Sanctuary of the Heart

Parashat Terumah begins with the commandment, “You shall take for Me a contribution…” This verse can actually be seen as a heading for all the coming parashot through

Sanctuary of the Heart: Further thoughts on Parashat Terumah
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We, as humans, are constrained by boundaries. Therefore it is hard for us to understand Hashem’s ability to transcend all boundaries. The idea of Hashem transcending boundaries is very evident in the discussion of the Mishkan in this week’s Parashah. The Mishkan contained physical properties that could have been measured in length and weight. However, one of the ten miraculous conditions that applied there was that “the Aron took up no space.”

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