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Aristotle tells us that Aeschylus was the firstto introduce a second actor, Sophocles the first to introduce the third actor,and by the time of Euripides it is clear that the number of main actors hasincreased, and the importance of the massive chorus has decreased.

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Since the course teaches an activity, it defines the teacher in the role of the coach, the dance instructor, the music instructor, the sen-sei. The coach gives tips on performance, suggests training routines, helps thestudent see what is to be achieved. There are tricks, and we will present those tricks on this web site from time to time, but the tricks are secondary; the student must above all be dissuaded from imagining that a style can be learned by acquiring a bag of tricks, especially surface tricks. Learning to write in a style is learning to inhabit the intellectual stand of the style; surface features to some degree follow a stand, but in ways that differacross classic stylists. Little local rules for doing this but not doingthat are an impediment, not a help, to learning classic style. We use thetrick of prohibiting students after the first few weeks from mentioning surfacefeatures in their stylistic analyses, and requiring them instead to beginan analysis by answering the questions on page 22 of the book. We maintainthis proscription until the danger seems to have passed.

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In the plays Oedipus Rex and Antigone both written by Sophocles, Oedipus and Creon both have episodes of arrogance that take control of their judgment and become their downfall.

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