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Prostitution is a controversial subject, involving complex and contradictory interests, values and issues. The most visible evidence of prostitution – street solicitation – is an acute problem in larger Canadian cities, where the activities of prostitutes have transformed certain areas into unpleasant, congested and, some would contend, dangerous places, havens for the attendant ills of drug addiction and violent crime. This situation poses difficult questions to government: which jurisdiction should exercise its powers to deal with prostitution, and what type of power should be used? Moreover, how far should the state go in exercising its powers to limit the practice of prostitution, and is prostitution a problem in itself, or merely part of larger problems?

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Bill C‑49 specified that, after it had been in force for three years (i.e., 28 December 1988), its operation would be reviewed by a committee of the House of Commons. This legislation has been controversial. Citizens’ groups from areas affected by street prostitution, many civic governments, and law enforcement officials welcomed it enthusiastically. Other groups, however, expressed profound opposition to it, contending that it merely moves the problem of prostitution elsewhere, that it gave too much discretion to the police and prosecutorial authorities, and that it potentially endangers those who are involved in the activity by increasing the powers of pimps. Although the Minister indicated during committee proceedings on the bill that further amendments to the to deal with prostitution would be forthcoming, no further measures related to adult prostitution were introduced. However, amendments introduced in 1988 (Bill C‑15) made it an offence to obtain or attempt to obtain the sexual services of a minor, and increased the maximum penalty to 14 years for anyone convicted of living on the avails of a prostitute under the age of 18 years.

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This includes sexual touching, exposure to pornography, photography of a child for sexual gratification, solicitation of a child for prostitution, and communication in a sexual way by phone, internet or face-to-face”....

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