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After generations of establishments of gender roles and differences of behavior between the sexes, these ideas become deeply ingrained in the society and form the basic culture of that society.

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Men and women who don’t conform to these two social views are often judged negatively.)

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2) In order to avoid being branded 'witches' by society, they got married, so that they were 'protected' by men.
3) Women themselves believed that they were inferior - after having been told this so many times, how could they not?

The role of Women in today's society

- the best explanation enlightenment thinkers came up withwas that all societies pass through similar stages of development, and thenative peoples must therefore represent a ‘less developed’ stage – thusjustifying the bringing of a ‘superior’ way of life to the

- in the 18th c salons moved out of courtsociety, becoming more middle class

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If more people can understand that people need to do what they think is right and set goals which they can work hard to accomplish, then people may be less likely to persecute each other about life paths dictated by the individual rather than by society.

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However, Hindu women have a long way to go to enjoy an equal status with men. They have to cope with many social and economic pressures and resolve many problems that afflict their lives today such as the following.

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- the same ambivalence existed over slavery – although byend of 18th c there were organisations opposing it (see below): theFrench Society for the Friends of Black People, and the British Society for theAbolition of the Slave Trade –these organisations still had ‘primitivist’ views of native peoples

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Cooking, playing the piano, needlework, making beds, and tending flowers were encouraged and considered naturally feminine activities, whereas engaging in any other activities was looked down on and considered very unfeminine.

Although all women were supposed to portray this ideal of femininity, black, working class, and immigrant women were often excluded from the definition of "true women" because of social prejudice.
Tudor Society's Views On Women
For centuries, girls had been told and convinced that they were the inferior gender, the second class citizens.

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The situation is gradually changing. It is difficult to draw generalizations about the status of present day Hindu women because the society is complex.

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Like all the major religions of the world, Hinduism is a predominantly male dominated religion. Women play a secondary role. True in certain ages, such as the Gupta period, women enjoyed freedom and held administrative posts. They also acted as teachers and participated in debates and pubic discussions. However, such privileges were limited to socially well-placed families. It is also true that the norms of conduct were stricter in case of higher caste women and male domination increased in proportion to their caste status. Generally speaking, the Vedas placed comparatively greater duties and responsibilities upon men and exhorted women to help their men in performing such duties. Any respect that women enjoyed in society were as daughters, mothers and wives. It meant that once their husbands passed away, women lost their status in family and suffered from many disabilities.