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Anecdotal Records, Quizzes, Portfolios, and Student-Led Conferences all meet the components of an effective formative assessment and are applicable within a Social Studies classroom....

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Social work is not only a job–it is a mission, a calling, a way of life. At least that’s the way exceptional social workers approach their job, and we look for such workers in an interview.
Good social workers are proud of their jobs, and they enjoy doing them, becasue they understand the value they bring to the society with their work, on both local and global scale.This attitude should be reflected in the enthusiasm and motivation you will show us in an interview, and also in your answers to the questions. The typical interview starts lightly, with a few so called “screening” questions.

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More than twenty people in average applied for every social worker job opening in the States.If you are one of them, and wonder what will happen in your job interview, what questions will they ask, and how you should answer them, you have found the right website.
My name is Ellen King, I have worked for a leading recruitment agency within health & social care, and today I will help you to prepare for your social work interview.

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Implications on the teaching and learning of Social Studies in Singapore In Singapore, our Social Studies syllabus encompasses of Citizenship Education (CE) and it shares a similar ideology to the teachers’ beliefs in US where according to Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam, CE brings about the concept of civic participation and it fulfils ‘one of the goals of schooling’ to develop competency skills such as decision-making and critical-thinking that encourages them to question their own learning and speaking their minds (Adler & Sim, 2005)....

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Scholars and academics have struggled to define the elusive term social studies; the debate has ranged from whether the social studies should include the disciplines of history, geography, or other social sciences, what the curriculum of the social studies should be, and what pedagogical practices should be implemented in the subject (Evans 2004, Ross 2006).

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First, your brain is like a muscle. If you don't use it, you lose it. Taking tests, especially those on topics you're unfamiliar with, forces you to use your brain. Numerous studies have shown that people who remain mentally active are less likely to have dementia, and will have better memory into old age. Playing trivia games is one great way to keep your mind active. If you don't know the answers to any given question, try looking them up before selecting one you know may be wrong and then waiting for the correct answer. By searching for the right answer first, you'll not only be learning, but also using your brain in additional ways. Searching for answers is more active than reading a book for example. It's more akin to doing a crossword puzzle. While reading is important, and social activity has also been shown to be beneficial for the long term health of your brain, adding trivia tests to the mix is both enjoyable and good for your health.