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The approach for schools supported by this project employs a comprehensive print and electronic social norms marketing campaign to reduce harmful misperceptions about student alcohol, tobacco, other drug, health, and school safety norms. Program components include (1) a new inexpensive and efficient web-based strategy for determining local norms and perceptions, (2) a print media campaign to communicate the local norms, (3) new electronic media to expand and enhance student exposure and engagement, and (4) curriculum development to infuse conversations about these issues into the classroom. This project provides leadership in alcohol and other drug prevention nationally through research publications, conference presentations and workshops, focused school consulting and training, and through development of electronic tools for social norms delivery.

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The Social Norms Approach to Prevention

One of the most notable techniques is the social norms approach

Francis Fukuyama (1999) raises some useful questions around the ‘Putnam thesis’ and Ladd (1999) is very critical of the approach – disputing the interpretation much of the evidence. However, that was prior to the marshalling of evidence in (Putnam 2000) The book is a powerful argument for the cultivation of social networks and the norms of reciprocity, trustworthiness and truthfulness they entail. It also draws attention to some of the downsides of such networks – they can be oppressive and narrowing. It is, therefore, important to work for tolerance and the acceptance, if not celebration, of difference.

The Social Norms Approach - Alcohol Education Project

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The social norms theory and prevention approach raise a critical question: do we accurately perceive surrounding norms?

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The social norms approach, on the other hand, dispels any misperceptions about what students think of as normative. Initially, students will likely react with disbelief, which is what we would expect. Our goal is to get students to notice the message, think about it, and argue with it. The message is based on credible, local data. The more that students see the evidence-based message, the more effective the message becomes.

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Wesley Perkins  - Jeff Linkenbach  PART V: The Social Norms Approach in Middle and High School Populations s - H.

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There are three main canonical theories of conformity:socialization, social identity and rational choice. Since allthese theories make testable statements about conforming behavior, theyshould be evaluated in light of a large body of experimental evidenceon whether and how normative beliefs affect behavior. Suchevidence, however, shows that all three theories are deficient; theirdefinitions of what is a norm are too rigid and limited to account forthe rich landscape of norm-induced behavior. Alternative viewstake a different approach, considering norms as clusters ofself-fulfilling expectations (Schelling 1966). Such expectationsresult in behavior that reinforces them, but a crucial element insustaining the norm is the presence of conditional preferences forconformity. Only the joint presence of a conditional preferencefor conformity and the belief that other people will conform willproduce an agreement between normative beliefs and behavior (Bicchieri2006)

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The most common strategy of a social norms approach is some type of media campaign, which usually entails putting up posters about the actual norms. This can be a cost-effective strategy. Print campaigns reach many students and get a lot of exposure by having posters visible throughout the campus.

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This link lists publications on alcohol on the college campus conducted by Hobart and William Smith Colleges' faculty. The basic social science research that forms the theoretical foundation for the Social Norms approach to prevention is documented here.