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This section deals with Enlightenment about such issues as race, slavery, and the position ofwomen. I will only give a summary of the actual position regarding these issues– since my main concern is with what the ‘philosophes’ and others thought.

Views on slavery, race and women in the Enlightenment

Most slave women were not taught to sew, nor had they the materials to do so.

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I wanted to look at extreme conditions—harsh famines, epidemics, slavery—and see if the female survival advantage applied even in cases of extreme emergencies, and whether that could help shed new light on whether there’s some innate ability that helps women live longer and survive better than men.

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- Methodist congregations included many blacks (because theMethodists worked with the poor). Note, as Outram points out, that this hadproduced an inconsistency: canChristians be held as slaves? And this led to Methodism opposing slavery.(There is a link here with the question of equality for women: if women areequal members of the congregation, are they not equal in society?)

Most slaves ate communally, and the women hands did not have the time or means to cook, so those who did were prestigiously skilled among slaves.
Although it was perceived that women slaves were subjected to less demanding and less harsh labor this was in fact untrue.

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Some women, however, did know how, and they were responsible for sewing the clothes for the entire slave community and, if they were quite excellent, for the master's family, too.

The skill of midwifery also was strictly for female slaves, and like cooking and sewing was considered highly skilled labor.

This theory was analyzed and revised to say that male slaves were dominant, but directed women to be seemingly self-reliant.

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Brigid Schulte: Before we get to the question of nature vs. nurture, have women always lived longer than men? What do we know from history?

Japan forced tens of thousands of Korean women to be sex slaves in World War II

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