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Sory fought back and eventually defeated Sankaran in 1776,becoming . When the council of (clerics)in Fugumba challenged his authority, Sory went there and beheadedthose who opposed him, replaced them with his supporters, andmoved the council to Timbo. So many slaves were held in Futa Jallonthat several slave revolts broke out. In 1785 Mandinka slavesmassacred their masters and burned the stores of rice. Sory influencedBundu and the region, ruling Futa Jallon until 1791. Six yearslater his son Sadu was assassinated by supporters of Karamokho'sson. The marabouts themselves had become a slave-holding class.

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Slavery is againstthe law in Sudan, and only
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War of wordsSudan's government has always rejected claims that people are living in slavery but admits that thousands were abducted during the war.

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One senior government official strenuously denied there was any slavery in Sudan but bizarrely acknowledged: "It was the same as when people were taken from West Africa to America." The United Nations defines slavery as: "The status or condition of a person over whom any or all of the powers attaching to the right of ownership are exercised." Ms Anyiel and several others we spoke to certainly seemed to have been living in conditions of slavery - having been abducted, subjected to forced labour and often beaten.

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It is the sheer brutality of events in Sudan that shock, not to mention the distinct possibility that the re-emergent slave trade in the country is not only being encouraged by the authorities but is actually a state-sponsored initiative. Fathelrahman of the Sudan Human Rights Organization's has no doubts on the issue. "The entire process is orchestrated by the Sudanese military," he claims. The dreaded murahaleen are, in Fathelrahman's view, government recruited and trained. "They focus on the younger Baggara," he says, "offering new recruits a horse, an AK-47 automatic rifle, 50,000 Sudanese pounds and two sacks of wheat or sorghum. You cannot imagine the attraction for a young Baggara male. In that society, to own a horse of one's own is to be a knight."

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Summarises information obtained during a fact-finding visit to investigate abductions and slavery in Sudan. It includes illustrated case studies and the Sudan Government’s response.

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There, last month in the company of two colleagues - an American and a German - from CSI's Zurich headquarters, they buy slaves, thousands of them, and promptly set them free. "The price is around $50 a head," Roy tells a Maclean's reporter who accompanied her for 10 days during her latest foray. "About what it would cost for a couple of goats at the local market." Since 1995, CSI has purchased and liberated 30,021 slaves, the vast majority of them women and children. It is a risky venture, conducted in defiance not only of the outraged Sudanese authorities, but also in the face of condemnation by some of the world's major relief and humanitarian organizations. "But it is well worth it," affirms Pearson, "especially if we can do something to influence the oilmen and the policy-makers back home, never mind the government of Sudan."