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We are the most insecure fanbase in all of sports. We cling to our “Loudest Stadium” record like the rest of the world actually gives a shit. If those annoying fucks in Seattle ever break the record, all of Kansas City will drunkenly mutter “Well, their’s was designed to be loud...” before swallowing a bullet.

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The Kansas City Royals won their second World Series championship in 2015, making it their first championship win in 30 years. And while the Kansas City Chiefs haven’t had a stellar record in recent years, they put on an 11-game win streak and made it to the AFC Playoffs this year. Fans helped make Arrowhead Stadium the in the country and set the world record for the world’s loudest stadium (142.2 dB). Call Kansas City a triple threat, because the MLS team, Sporting KC, has won both the MLS Cup and the US Open Cup in the last three years.

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Flyover states. Farmland. Boring and nothing worth seeing. These are all used to describe the Midwest, and cities in the region. But Kansas City, being smack dab in the middle of this great nation, may just fool you.

This team allowed the Kansas City Royals to win a championship TWICE since their last Super Bowl appearance.

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Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid held a press conference a day after the Chiefs’ 22-21 loss to the Tennessee Titans in an AFC Wild Card playoff game. It was the Chiefs' sixth straight home playoff loss, a NFL record.

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I flew from Dallas to Kansas City to attend the Divisional Playoff game against the Steelers in January. Did all that rancid playoff history matter to me? Of course not. I spent a shitload of money to fly into an ice storm to see them lose without giving up a goddamn touchdown. I spent all night yelling in 33F, foggy weather, and came down with the worst case of the flu I’ve had in over 20 years. That’s what I get for thinking they ever have a chance in the playoffs.

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Santa Claus arrives at many of the malls in the Kansas City area this Christmas season starting around the first of November and staying through Christmas Eve, and a few of these locations even host special events to welcome him to town.

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Clearly the tens of thousands of people who go to First Fridays gallery showings in the Crossroads Art District each year don’t understand that Kansas City is a cultural wasteland. Same with all the people who go to The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art (), the Kauffman Performing Arts Center, or the American Jazz Museum.

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At Zona Rosa on Friday, December 1, 2017, at 6 p.m. you and your kids can attend a "PJ Party with Saint Nicholas" (Sponsored by the North Kansas City Hospital); families are encouraged to wear their favorite pajamas and enjoy free cookies, milk, and entertainment by Dino O'Dell—a local celebrity in the children's entertainment industry.

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Put it on a fucking plaque. That is your life eternal, KC. Just a string of dumb losses followed by even dumber explanations. As for Kansas City itself, it is at the very nexus of America’s methamphetamine and Intelligent Design industries. Like the Chiefs come playoff time, people in both Missouri and Kansas are very, very good at deploying ignorance to hurt themselves.