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These findings clearly revealed that parents wanted a system that would alert them topotentially problematic content and not one that made evaluations or recommendations for them. This makes sense, for parents certainly know their children the best of anyone, and they may bedifferentially concerned with different kind of television content depending on the particularchild in question For example, a parent may feel that he or she has anexceptionally mature 10-year old who could easily cope with hearing bad language or seeingsexual situations on television. However, this parent may be very concerned about the child'sreaction to violent television and may want to shield the youngster from programs with violentcontent. This parent, then, would not want to rely on the industry's age-based recommendationsand would probably prefer to know what kind of material is in a certain program and then decidewhether it was appropriate for his or her child. Certainly, these parents would not find the age-based TV Parental Guidelines very helpful in monitoring their children's viewing.

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Sex and, I think, its psychological consequences were different then

Recently someone I know noticed a dramatic increase in her sex drive. She apparently experienced a change in baseline hormone levels (testosterone, estrogen) within her both in actual measured levels and in the relative amounts of various hormones. There are many reasons why this may have occurred, but it seems likely that it was triggered by a combination of normal development, relationship changes, and changes in her psychiatric medications that relieve and treat Adult ADHD. She also lost about ten pounds and deliberately became slightly more .

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Of course, it may be harder for men than women to find themselves the less-desiring party: "I'm friends with all guys and if I mention this to any of them they say that he 'must be gay or something' to not want sex all the time," says Bex, which she knows is unfair. Cathy feels a lot of sympathy for guys who find themselves in this situation: "The guy who thinks he's supposed to be driving the penetration train gets confused when he finds himself without the conductor's hat."

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Listen to me right now, and I mean this very very seriously, loud and clear: never, ever have sex.

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Of course, any one women could have a higher sex drive when compared to any one man but in the overall population men typically report a higher sex drive than women. The next question is why? There are certainly compelling theories about this and biology, evolution, and culture are all thought to shape sex drive. There is also the strong possibility that some apparent differences in sex drive can be by the methodology chosen by the researchers to collect evidence of gender differences and so differences may not be as great or universal as they seem. Each explanation could be the subject of a future blog post. For now, psychological research has yielded substantial evidence supporting what my friend already suspected: men do indeed want sex more than women.

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Gender Roles in the Home: Then and Now

However, the revisions to the system did not eliminate the age-based component. Instead,content indicators were simply added to the age-based ratings to communicate why a certainprogram received the rating that it did. Thus, programs now receive ratings such as TV-PG-L,or TV-14-V, and TV-MA-S. And, depending on what age-based rating a program receives, aparent can determine the level of violence, sex, and language that it contains. For example, aprogram rated TV-PG-V indicates that the program has "moderate violence," a program ratedTV-14-V indicates that the program has "intense violence," and a program rated TV-MA-V suggests that the program has "graphic violence."

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Ian Kerner, a sexuality counselor and best-selling author, doesn't believe that either sex has stronger desire -- but different desire? Yes. "I would say that women tend to experience 'responsive desire'" -- in which interest is sparked after sexy times have begun -- "while men experience 'spontaneous desire,'" which seems to spring, so to speak, out of nowhere. He says this difference "can create the appearance that male desire is stronger, but what I've found is often quite the opposite in relationships."