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Hyde life: a student by day, a killer of coeds by night; a caring, attentive nurse who secretly murders sick children, the handicapped, or the elderly; a building contractor and politician who enjoys sexually torturing and killing young men and burying them under his home.

Serial Killer Ted Bundy Lives a Double Life

Similarly, we rarely if ever hear of a serial killer who also enacts a mass murder.

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Not to say that the aftermath of serial killers is trivial but the real controversy among theorists lies on how and why serial killers take the step from fantasy to reality. We are all made up of tiny individual genes that make up our personality traits defining who and what we are. Many believe that murderers do not grow into the shell of a killer but have predetermined genes that make up the chemical balance of our brain, body, thoughts, ideas, and most importantly actions. "Generally speaking biological factors vis-à-vis the causes of behavior can be defined as those 'processes and conditions that typically are considered as belonging to or characteristic of the organism'" (Jeffrey 78). As Lucy Corin in Everyday Psycho Killers presents, violence and death is apart of whom we are as humans and shows that violence is most prevalent when we are in our youth. Corin relates to the nature of violence in children and desires that we have whether good or bad in our everyday lives. "One girl had grabbed another girl by the front of the shirt through to her bra and flung her against the beam. The girl lay crumpled on the locker room floor, her head bleeding, her eyes saying more and the girl who had flung her stood over the body, hands on hips, with enormous thighs" (Corin 16).

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"Many of them are exceptionally skillful in their presentation of self, so much so that they are beyond suspicions and thus are difficult to apprehend" (Fox 105). Incorrect is the assumption that serial killers wear hockey masks or walk around in pull ups carrying a chain saw. Movies and TV have put an image into our minds that these are the characteristics of a murderer when in reality they are masters at disguising their emotions and thoughts letting them blend into society. Magicians of death, they reel their victims into a false sense of security by many times tricking them with an offer of sex and drugs. Once they have control of their victims they remove their fake personality killing their victim with any weapon that they can find, fulfilling there wants, desires, and impulses.

Consequently, various typologies of serial killers and patterns of homicides have emerged.

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GaryLeon Ridgway, considered America's most profilic serial killer forconfessing to the murders of 48 Seattle-area prostitutes in theearly 1980s, is serving a life sentence in Walla Walla, WashingtonState, without chance of parole (9 May 2005 Associated PressNewswires). The nickname Green River Killer reflected Ridgway'schoice of disposing the bodies in the Green River, a winding waterwaylocated in southeast , just east of . He strangledand methodically placed his victims in "clusters" nearlandmarks so that he could keep a running tally of them, but becausethere were so many, he eventually lost track of them.

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Wille (1974) identified ten different types of murderers covering a broad range of bio-socio-psychological categories: Lee (1988) also created a variety of labels to differentiate killers according to motive, including: Even before American society became aware, in the early 1980s, of serial murder as anything more than an anomaly, researchers had begun to classify multiple killers and assign particular characteristics and labels to them.

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Understanding how and why serial killers commit such horrific crimes is an important step to stopping the homicidal rampages these psychokillers go on. Scientists searched and found what is believed to be hard evidence, that genetics is the key role in determining who becomes a serial killer unlike criminologists and psychologists who argue that large events such as abuse and abandonment create the setting and foundation in which serial killers grow into sadistic mass murders. Though both arguments are strongly proved and explained through research and statistics neither are individually the answer to why serial killers exist. In reviewing the evidence of both explanations I have found that it is a mix of both genetics and cultural upbringings. Though many humans must deal with violent situations as children and experience horrific events many do not become mass murderers. It is true that many children who are victims of abuse become violent in their adult lives but to cross into the category of a serial killer one must be born with a different biochemical makeup. In my conclusion nature does choose what traits we are born with but at the same time these traits cannot be exposed without a mechanism that triggers these individuals to commit these horrific crimes. Without the alignment of both natural genetic defects and the cultural nurturing in which humans are brought up in, serial killers cannot become vicious killers. If we can curb domestic violence then the chances for a serial killer to become violent will decrease significantly making our world a safer place.