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Does not this serious violation of the separation of church and state bother you? Does the state have the right to dictate how you practice your faith and serve your fellowman?


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I placed a phone called and determined that North Carolina state law, though convoluted and confusing, forbids the presence of a registered sex offender in any place intended for the primary use of children even if children are not present and almost any public place at all if children are present. State law also makes it a crime for a minister (or anyone else) to knowingly allow a registrant to worship in the church if a child is on the premises. (See N.C.G.S. 14-208.18 and 14-208.11(A)a, respectively)

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Hello I live in the same state as you and feel the same way. Its sometimes is ridiculous what we have to go through. I was a member of a church and the probation officer I had try to keep me from going I had to have a sit down with the pastor and some other deacons about what happened. Of course I wasn’t allowed to go near where the children,s bible school rooms were at but it was were the bathrooms were at so I had to be escorted to and from. I know you want to keep children safe from predators but it was just kind of demeaning. Keep up the good fight I would like to talk more privately about some other things in Tennessee SO.R. if and when you can how can I get ahold of you Thanks

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In a powerful challenge to conventional wisdom, Philip Hamburger argues that the separation of church and state has no historical foundation in the First Amendment. The detailed evidence assembled here shows that eighteenth-century Americans almost never invoked this principle. Although Thomas Jefferson and others retrospectively claimed that the First Amendment separated church and state, separation became part of American constitutional law only much later.

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These MEN are HOMELESS. Probably haven’t had a romantic involvement in YEARS! Many are (sorry to say) very raggedy, dirty, just looking a hot mess. With that being said, who is to say that one of these homeless men who truly have NO ONE and NOTHING won’t be tempted to sexually assault someone? Do these “Christian” shelters and churches THINK that people are born with their criminal record? There is a FIRST for EVERYTHING. And someone who is homeless and allowed to stay at a shelter that’s near a school or one that also houses families, only needs the RIGHT MOMENT to make his move.

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Hamburger shows that separation became a constitutional freedom largely through fear and prejudice. Jefferson supported separation out of hostility to the Federalist clergy of New England. Nativist Protestants (ranging from nineteenth-century Know Nothings to twentieth-century members of the K.K.K.) adopted the principle of separation to restrict the role of Catholics in public life. Gradually, these Protestants were joined by theologically liberal, anti-Christian secularists, who hoped that separation would limit Christianity and all other distinct religions. Eventually, a wide range of men and women called for separation. Almost all of these Americans feared ecclesiastical authority, particularly that of the Catholic Church, and, in response to their fears, they increasingly perceived religious liberty to require a separation of church from state. American religious liberty was thus redefined and even transformed. In the process, the First Amendment was often used as an instrument of intolerance and discrimination.

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There is obviously such an issue regarding the separation between church and state, in m opinion. But first to the question. What would I do? If the priority is to help the poor and the needy, then I would have to find a way to allow the offender in my shelter. They are human, and they are in need. One must find a way to help those in need. I’ve said it many times… we are all more than the sum total of our mistakes.

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But the bigger problem here is the separation issue. However, the church is at fault for allowing this to happen. The church has always been the one place where people in need could go, and in fact, should go. Society complains when the church becomes involved in government, crying foul for lack of separation. But when the government wants to dictate who can and cannot attend a church, we are back in England again. The state should have zero authority as to who worships, and where they worship.