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These ecclesiastical civil servants were at the forefront of the articulation of Scotland's sovereign status, up to and including seeking the protection of the Pope in Rome - effectively the UN of the middle ages - against English claims. The rights and wrongs of these claims are largely irrelevant. The fact of the matter remained that Scotland had developed its own identity and political and administrative institutions, and thought of itself as entirely separate.

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A number Belgians have advocated breaking the countryinto two separate nations.
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“Separating the sheep from the goats ..

And the LORD said to her, Two nations are in your womb, and two manner of people shall be separated from your bowels; and the one people shall be stronger than the other people; and the elder shall serve the younger.

Why the Macedonians and Bulgarians are Two Separate Nations

Scotland became an independent nation partly because of the dynamic interaction between native tribes and incoming settlers. Fiona Watson describes how nationalism was born as the country developed its sense of separate identity.

The 2017 issue commemorates Haleakala National Park onMaui. The coin depicts a Hawaiian owl, or Pueo, flying overthe park.
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Penon de Alhucemas and Penon de Velez de la Gomera are Spanishpossessions just off the coast of Morocco. A penon is a rockfortress and these tiny territories are just that. Alhucemasis located about 300 meters (1000 feet) off the coast of coast ofMorocco. The 3.7 acre (1.5ha) rock is covered by a fort, afew houses and a church. It houses a garrison of about 25 to30 soldiers, plus marine services personnel with an inflatable rubberboat. Velez de la Gomera was an island until 1934,when a major storm washed large quantities of sand between it and theAfrican mainland, creating a 92 yard (85m) sandy isthmus connecting itto the mainland. The territory covers about 5 acres (1.9 ha)and houses a few Spanish troops who are supplied byhelicopter. Both have been under Spanish control since the16th century, though Morocco now claims them. Unofficial 100Peseta coins dated 2017 were recently issued for both of these tinyterritories. The Alhucemas issue shows the territorial armswhich features crossed rifles on the obverse; and a canon on thereverse. The Velez de la Gomera has the territorial armswhich includes a sailing ship and crossed swords on the obverse, and asword hilt on the reverse. Both coins are 40mmsilver plated Proof and have a mintage of only 200 pieces.

Ceuta and Melilla are autonomous cities of Spain located on the northcoast of Africa, sharing a border with Morocco. They are someof the last bits of what was once Spain's vast colonialempire. Ceuta was conquered by the Portuguese in 1415 whichis why the city's arms incorporates the coat-of-arms ofPortugal. It was Portugal's first outpost in Africaandthe start of their colonial empire. Ceuta remained with Spainafter Portugal regained its independence from Spain in 1640. Melilla was conquered by Spain in 1497, a few years after theunification of Spain. General Francisco Francolaunched the Spanish Civil War in 1936 from these north Africanoutposts. These unofficial 500 Pesetas coins from Ceuta andMelilla both feature the old fortifications of the cities on one sideand the cities arms on the other. The coins are an unusualsix-sided shape measuring approximately 44mm x 38mm. Thesilver-plated coins are dated 2017 and have a mintage of only 200pieces each. They are unusual coins from unusual places.

This Quebec 1 Lys coin was minted in 1994 by the Quebec sovereigntymovement in preparation for the 1995 referendum on Quebec becoming anindependent nation.

was divided into separate cultures as settlers spread West

The 2018 issue also features a new reverse which depicts amap of Maui and lists some of the towns on the island. The2017 issue commemorates Haleakala National Park onMaui. The coin depicts a Hawaiian owl, or Pueo, flying overthe park.

consultative status with the UN ..

For most of the history of an identifiable Scottish kingdom, over the last 1,200 years, the nation has been entirely separate and independent, developing its own administrative institutions appropriate to its needs.