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Some worried, others hoped for the postponement of the beginning of theCouncil. To put aside any uncertainty, on June 27, the new Pope confirmed thestart of the Council for September, with the beginning of the second phasestarting on the 29th of that same month.

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Opening the second period of the Council, on September 29, 1963 Paul VIdeclared: "May this Council have always in mind the relationship between usand Jesus Christ, between the saintly and live Church and Christ. Let no otherlight shines on this assembly, that is not the Christ, light of the world".

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By nine o’clock on the morning of October 12, 1962, a brilliant Italian sun had broken out after a torrential rain. Twenty-four hundred Roman Catholic bishops began a lone procession through St. Peter’s Square toward the Basilica for the solemn opening of the Second Vatican Council. Inside the splendidly appointed church, the bishops took their places in long rows to take part in the ceremony. Near the altar sat observers from other Christian communities invited to attend the council.

(5) Opening speech of the second period of the Council, 29-9-1963: , vol. II, pars I,T.P.V. 1971, p. 185.
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In the ardor of the discussions, there were also attitudes that were notvery serene and there were diverging opinions, but it cannot be said that theCouncil was a place of arguments between conservative and progressivetendencies. John Paul II, who was one of the Council Fathers and activelyparticipated in the work affirms: "In truth, it would be very unjust to theentire work of the Council, for some to reduce that historic event to a similaropposition between rival groups. The internal truth of the Council is verydifferent". The road was long and not without difficulty, but itlead, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to the light of the truth.

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Another big news story of year concerned the ecumenical council in Rome,known as Vatican II. Among the things they did in an attempt to make the churchmore commercial was to introduce the vernacular into portions of the mass,to replace Latin, and to widen somewhat the range of music permissible inthe liturgy, but I feel that if they really want to sell the product, inthis secular age, what they ought to do is to redo some of the liturgicalmusic in popular song forms. I have a modest example here. It's called.

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