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The Court held that to allow the detention of a person, even if they are somehow connected to the premises being searched, to be detained in the absence of either reasonable suspicion or probable cause .. “would give officers too much discretion,” and would add an “additional level of intrusiveness.”

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Boeing’s new Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) system, now operating in Port Hueneme, California, is demonstrating the sustainable value of using solar power to generate hydrogen gas from seawater. It then stores the hydrogen until it releases the gas into a fuel cell stack to produce electricity, heat and water.

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“ImDev shortens product development cycle time and therefore shortens the cost of product development, and we do that by pulling together all the stakeholders early,” Dan Seal, ImDev program manager said. “When you do that, you get first-time quality, reduced cycle time and reduced cost. It’s an important step in our efforts to break the development cost curve.”

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It has been the law for some time that, during the execution of a search warrant in Colorado, the police have the right to detain the people present at the scene of the execution of the search warrant.

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Medical research and psychoanalytic theory have long recognized that chronic hostility and anger, whether unrecognized, suppressed, or vented in rage, can be causative factors in asthma, autoimmune dysfunction, coronary artery disease, cysts, depression, headaches, heart attacks, high blood pressure, insomnia, intestinal disorders, low back pain, sexual dysfunction, obsessive-compulsive disorder, paranoia, and ulcers.

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The reasoning the Court applied in is that the police are allowed to detain anyoneat the time they arrive on the premises to execute the search warrant. The specific reasons for the rule., in summary format, are:

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Confining an officer’s authority to detain under Summers to the immediate vicinity of a premises to be searched is a proper limit because it accords with the rationale of the rule.

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The Defendant, Mr. Summers, was detained by the police on a walkway just in front of the house where the search warrant was being executed. The case stands for the rule of law law enforcement is not required to have a particular suspicion that an individual is involved in criminal activity or poses a specific danger to the officers to be detained during the execution of a search warrant.