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The nation of Singapore has been implementing "Project Work" since the year 2000. By last year, all primary and secondary schools were to have implmented Project Work, or PW, in at least one level.

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Dr. Christopher Y. Tan is a lecturer at the University of South Australia and Visiting Lecturer at the University of Hong Kong. Chris is playing a big role in advancing project work and ICT in Singapore, and also in Hong Kong, China, and Australia. Chris Tan was one of the keynote speakers at at Alan November's in Boston.

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Singapore may be doing more than any other country to advance 21st Century Skills through project work and technology (ICT). "Singaporean educators are finding that technology is useful in fostering more self-directed learning, a shift away from the traditional "learn and drill" culture of that Asian nation’s schools. " writes Education Week reporter Rhea R. Borja, in "", Technology Counts 2004, Education Week, May 6, 2004 (Registration may be required). Singapore's catchphrase for education is "Thinking Schools, Learning Nation".

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Planning project-based learning around three core strategies helps all students get what they need.

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A primary objective of the project is to establish a network of European Vocational Education and Training organisations to facilitate the import and export of best practice aimed at improving the quality of training for people at risk of becoming/who are Early School Leavers (ESL).

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Project Based Learning’s time has come