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” (118)
#3 is a symbol for Christ
Both Santiago and Jesus show no resistance
Jesus died for the sins of the world
Santiago died for the sin of the impure Angela

Santiago Nasar and Jesus Christ
How are the two similar/ dissimilar?
Also Note-Worthy
“He had a deep stab in the right hand, it looked like a stigma of the crucified Christ” (75).
Most direct connection to Christ
Paul and Peter vs.

An Analysis of Santiago as a Christ Figure in The Old …

Santiago has often been referenced as a "Christ-like figure" in Hemingway's novel

Santiago emerges as a Christ figure

The characters in The Old Man and the Sea are in actuality, major figures in the . Santiago is an old man, yet he had young eyes. No matter how defeated he was, he would never show it and he would look on the brighter side of things. In my mind, these traits make Santiago a god-like figure. Manolin, which translates into Messiah, is Jesus (Stoltzfus qtd in CLC 13:280). Santiago is the "father" who teaches his symbolic son and disciple, Manolin. After catching the largest marlin, Manolin will leave his parents in order to follow the teachings of Santiago, his master, just as Jesus did (Stoltzfus qtd in CLC 13:280). Pedrico is actually , Jesus' closest apostle and a great fisherman (Wilson 50). Peter helped Jesus fish for souls as Pedrico helped Manolin fish for food. Santiago gives Pedrico the head of the mutilated marlin which symbolizes Saint Peter as head of the Christian church and the first Pope (Stoltzfus CLC 280).

Santiago is the primary Christ-like figure

"Ay', he said out loud." (Hemingway, The Old Man and the Sea 107) There is no meaning of "Ay", but perhaps it is the sound a man makes as his hands are nailed to wood (Brenner, The Old Man and the Sea, Story of a Common Man 38).

Next, once back on shore, Santiago climbs the hill to his shack, with the mast on his shoulder, falling several times (Hemingway, The Old Man and the Sea 121). This is an obvious reference to Christ's struggle to carry the cross up the hill Cavalry (Crossan, The Historical Jesus 163).

An Analysis of Santiago as a Christ Figure in The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway

Biblical Influence and Symbolism in The Old Man and …

When he was killed, he reacted in confusion, not guilt

"His reaction was not one of panic...but rather the bewilderment of innocence" (101).
Santiago Nasar as a Christ Figure in
Chronicle of a Death Foretold

By Rachel Leibowitz and Sydney Rees

Why This Is Important
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The Stabbing
Death by Cross
7 Fatal Wounds
Symbols of Innocence
Death Foretold
The Name
Santiago was first stabbed in the hand

"The knife went through the palm of his right hand" (117).

Two of the fatal wounds were in Santiago's side

" [The knife] sank into his side up to the hilt...Pedro Vicario pulled out his knife and dealt him a second thrust almost in the same place" (117).
Santiago was stabbed in
the hand

"He had a deep stab in the right hand" (75).

these traits make Santiago a god-like figure

Everybody heard his cry of pain”(139).

Santiago stabbed on wooden door like Christ on wooden cross
Jesus nailed to cross by his palms
Just as soldiers stabbed a wound in His side in order to ensure He was dead, Vicario brothers stabbed Santiago's side
Many people heard Jesus' last words on the cross, and realized their wrong doings
Many people heard Santiago's screams and felt bad, realized their mistakes
Author shows how corrupt the society is

Santiago Nasar and Jesus Christ
“Mortally wounded three times, Santiago Nasar turned frontward again and leaned his back against his mother’s door, without the slightest resistance,as if he only wanted to help them finish killing him by his own contribution.

The Old Man and the Sea what is the significance of religious imagery