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Chetnik Serb vengeance, in return, was equally brutal. At Foca (also in eastern Bosnia) they systematically raped Muslim women and slit the throats of over 2,000 men. When Tito's Partisans then arrived in Foca, after retreating from Uzice in the face of German attacks, they became locked into what was now a three-sided war.

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The question of standard language of Bosnia and Herzegovina is resolved in such a way that three ..

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In the face of the German attacks, Mihailovic's Chetniks either melted away back to their villages or fled with their leader to eastern Bosnia. Here, they became locked in a vicious struggle with Croat Ustase and Bosnian Muslim forces that were wreaking genocidal atrocities against local Serbs.

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c. Multiculturalism can be a source of tension: Multi-ethnic rivalries (Albanians, Bosnians, Croats, Serbs) within the former country of Yugoslavia have caused bitter conflict. This area is often called a shatter-belt because the once communist country split into five separate countries. Even after the split, ethnic differences still cause fighting and conflict. These ethnic groups have followed a policy of ethnic cleansing (expelling or killing an entire ethnic group), leading to thousands of deaths and refugees.

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