Now, verse 18 contains the clear truth"

Trump’s executive order reversing the climate protections introduced by former President Barack Obama will stand as another milestone in a gradually failing administration.

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Again we listen to the great Catholic historian and theologian, Peter DeRosa:

Of course, he did not! In fact, he taught exactly the opposite!

Europe is realizing that it cannot rely on the USA and hates Donald Trump. Since it often fears Russia and China, it will take more steps to deal with that, as well as steps to move further away from the USA.

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His flamboyance and brashness have already offended the Europeans, and ultimately that will not turn out well for the USA (cf. Lamentations 1:1-2; Daniel 11:39).

Paul reiterates in his epistle to the Corinthians that Jesus is the “Rock”. (1 Cor.10:4)

It should be noted that the Bible clearly shows:

The Patriarch of Constantinople is generally considered the first among equals within the Eastern Orthodox “sees.” Even if this unity with the Romans occurs (which it basically will), individually the as unifying will make them part of Babylon (according to both biblical and ) and turn to the "faith once for all delivered to the saints" (Jude 3).

The Catholic Encyclopedia states:

Elder Rome has the foremost St. Peter as its apostle and patron. New Rome, Constantinople, has the brother of St. Peter, the first-called of the apostles, Andrew. Both invite us to the fraternal unity that they shared with each other and that can only be acquired when the cross becomes our point of reference and experience of approach.

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I strongly believe the and have had this published back in 2007 on the internet and in The Journal: News of the Churches of God. Furthermore, many ecumenical meetings and pronouncements have been coming from those groups (for documented details see ). I also believe this is very dangerous for Protestants (for documented details, see ) and Catholics as well (for documented details, please see ).

It’s very clear in the Scriptures that Peter is NOT the “Rock” of the church.

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It probably also should be mentioned that while the current European Union is not the final Beast power per se, the Bible shows that there will be a structural change will occur:

Here is a version of the story of Europa from the San Diego State University website:

More on Assyria/Assur can be found in the following:

As far as technology goes, here is something from a paper (bolding in the online paper he released) by Jean-Claude Juncker who was elected to be the President of the European Commission, the apparently most powerful single position in the European Union:

Finally, here is another version of the story of Europa from the Greek government:

Constantine's decree also stated:

Let us, therefore, beseech these two brothers and greatest of apostles that they may grant peace to the world and lead everyone to unity. (Bartholomew I’s Letter to Vatican Delegation. Zenit. December 5, 2007 .