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Despite the success of independent rockers, commercial rock had a massive resurgence in the mid eighties. Juggernauts like Motley Crue, Van Halen, Billy Idol, and Bon Jovi with millions of dollars at their disposal rocked stadiums. Their single and album sales were built by massive national stadium rock tours and incessant airplay on commercial mainstream radio stations straddling the line between rock and roll and mainstream pop.

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Bands like the Hold Steady are a great example of how rock & roll is alive and well.

A poem about the impact rock and roll has had on society.

Rock and roll embodied more than a genre or a lifestyle. It was a religion. One fervently practiced by those involved in the spectacle. Worshippers sought salvation from their ordinary lives and wanted to be a part of something bigger than themselves – a musical nirvana. Throughout the twentieth century, rock and roll evolved into a social movement; it broke down economic, racial, sexual, and social barriers. The raw immediacy of the music struck a chord with the dissonance sweeping the country. Rock and roll embraced new and different musicians who were unwilling to conform to prior musical standards.

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The sixties and seventies ushered in the golden years of rock and roll. A time when The Beatles and The Rolling Stones set the groundwork for what defined rock and roll as not only a genre but also a lifestyle. The bigger than life reputations and music spawned an entire new class of musicians. Record companies were quick to capitalize on the new phenomenon. They spent lots of money to perpetuate the myth of rock and roll to the collective masses.

Rock n Roll is alive and well. Those who think it's dead are those who don't bother going to shows or independent record stores.

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No you actually are hitting the nail on the head with why rock and roll could potentially be dying. If an entire movement is based on a rugged individualism, the co option of that movement by the main stream is sort of ridiculous. How can some one be a "unique and beautiful snowflake" if everyone else is too?

Rock and roll embodied more than a genre or a lifestyle

Oh, from those of us who've dedicated our lives to creating rock music, that "for good" tag line is a real slam - and totally untrue. I'll put you on the guest list next time I'm in town, Corey - from the man who once played rock music for 78 hours straight - I'll rock your damn shoes off. :)

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Technology is what makes music possible. A musical instrument is a piece of technology. Technology is what birthed rock n' roll. Today, thanks to technology, you can be a fucking rock star without ever leaving your home. If you are going to blame the "death" of rock on something, blame it on people and their apathetic, A.D.D. behavior. Everybody moves at a mile a minute these days, and never stops to think or care about anything but themselves. That's why rock is "dead." It's because nobody gives a fuck anymore.

Rock 'n' Roll hasn't been killed, it's being kept alive by those that love the music and technology is just another tool to help keep it alive.

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Oh noes! You've pushed at your straw man with all your might, and now it's fallen over. The gentle fluttering sound it makes as it sinks to the floor is drowned out by the noise of millions of speakers and headphones playing hundreds of thousands different songs. By the way, some of those songs are probably 'rock 'n' roll', or its children. Streaming from the afterlife, mebbe?

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"Rock and Roll Music" is a 1957 hit written and recorded by icon . The song has been widely , and is recognized as one of Berry's most popular and enduring compositions. In the fall of 1957, the song reached #6 on magazine's chart and #8 on the chart.

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But if we run with your unlikely thesis for a moment - assuming that rock music started in the sixties (which it did, if you've never heard anything from the fifties), and you have now deigned to pinpoint its passing, isn't 50 years a fair old lifetime? Especially for a hard-living rocker archetype. RIP, whatever-the-hell-it-is-you're-talking-about.