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The Archbishop of Canterbury, Lanfranc, who hadoverall responsibility for Rochester after Odo's initial fall fromgrace in 1082, was keen that the castle was rebuilt, although hewasn't particularly happy about footing the bill.

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The Rochester Healthcast Library consists of videos featuring local physicians.

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The peace atRochester wasn't to last for long, and in 1264 another siege washammering at the gates, giving the castle yet another test ofstrength and endurance.

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There are no details availableat all on this event, although in the following year, 1217, afterJohn was dead and Louis had returned to France, peace was restored toRochester and the rest of the kingdom.

Many medieval castles didn't witness combat orsiege conditions as Rochester endured, yet they were wiped from theface of the landscape centuries ago.

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KingJohn in the past has always been given bad press over his deeds asking and as a statesman, but at Rochester, not for the first time oreven the last, he showed himself to be a very competent commander inthe field, with siege warfare becoming something of a speciality.

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However, onthe 9 August, letters from John refer to his original agreementrequesting the transfer of the castle to Peter de Roches, Bishop ofWinchester and one of his close supporters.

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Walterenjoyed the custody of Rochester under Richard I, but it took KingJohn three years to confirm the custody of the castle to him in 1202,for which letters patent of John's exist.

It seemsthat de Cornhill, who was holding the castle for King John, was nowholding it for the archbishop and his supporters.

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It is now believed that the evidenceArmitage found on Boley Hill must be either related to one of thesiege castles Rufus built in 1088 or one of the siege engines KingJohn built during his siege of Rochester in 1215.

Standing proudly on the banks of the River Medway and a stone's throw from the cathedral is Rochester Castle.

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Rochester Castle was built within the existing defences of a former Roman fortified town. The site was strategically important due to its bridge over the River Medway and accordingly the castle was raised in the immediate aftermath of the Norman invasion. Within a few decades it had been rebuilt into a substantial fortress dominated by a Great Keep.

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A Medieval Castle is all of these things and more. When we think of Medieval Castles there is a dark a secretive feeling that we feel. A Medieval Castle was a castle, but it was also a place with a history, a place that had secrets and secret passages. It was a place where tremendous battles were fought to the death by knights. Let's Take a look at a real Medieval Castle! Here is a model of the Meersburg Castle - An old legend and a 1548 document say that the creation of this impressive stronghold dates back to the 7th century which means this castle is possibly well over a thousand years old and still in perfect condition. It is located on Lake Constance in Germany.
Some of the things you would find in this castle would be a medieval living area, a Knights Hall, an Arms Hall, a well-room, a castle dungeon, chapels, guard's walkways and towers, the picturesque fortress garden and the defensible northern bastion, the workroom and death chamber of Annette von Droste-Hülshoff, the most popular German poetess who lived in the fortress during her stays at Lake Constance. Can you see what I mean by a Medieval Castle is a place of mystery, secrets and stories?