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Robert S. McNamara, Architect of a Futile War, Dies at …

Robert S. McNamara and the Real Tonkin Gulf Deception

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Una MacMAHON; also bore Edmund (11th Baron), Patrick (12th Baron and father of 13th & 14th Barons), Gerald (15th Baron)
Ferghus MacCARTHY; or: prob.

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Jr. Cpl Engineer-Gunner KIALemich, John 1Lt Pilot KIALeuthauser, Willard N. T/Sgt Radio-Gunner Levay, Alex P. Capt Levee, Jessie C. Sgt Levine, Samuel A. 1Lt Navigator Lewis, Cecil E. S/Sgt Lewis, Harlan S. Engine Mechanic Lewis, Melton S. 1Lt Navigator Lewis, Murry L. 2Lt Navigator Lewter, Frank F S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Lineberry, Madison D. Sgt Engineer-Gunner LLoyd, John M. 1Lt Pilot LLoyd, Robert C. 1Lt Pilot Locknane, Harry G. 1Lt Navigator CATFLoebar, Thomas S. Cpl Airplane Armorer Londeree, Douglas W. 1Lt Munitions Officer London, Alfred D. S/Sgt Airplane Armorer Long, Charles B. T/Sgt Radio-Gunner Long, George W. 1Lt Nav-Bomb Long, John R. S/Sgt Airplane Armorer Long, Marion T. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Lovatto, Robert W. T/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Lovett, Charles M. Capt Provost Marshal Lowry, Joseph C. S/Sgt Airplane Armorer Luddy, Peter J. Luffman, Carl T. Sgt Aerial Gunner Luker, Cleveland S/Sgt Intelligence NCO Lunario, James Pfc Lyell, Larkin L. 1Lt CommunicationsLyman, Richard W. Capt Pilot Lynch, Arthur G. 1Lt Pilot CATFLynn, Melvin R. Capt Pilot CATF

Macallister, Duncan E. S/Sgt Engineer-GunnerMacaulay, Edward J. S/Sgt Supply Sergeant Mackenzie, John A. T/Sgt Radio-Gunner Macmillan, William H II S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Macnamara, Sara A. 1Lt Nurse Mageors, Robert P. T/Sgt Airplane Armorer Magyar, Alfred J. Sgt Radio-Gunner Main, Philip LtCol Pilot / C.O.

Robert McNamara and the Ghosts of Vietnam

As the months drag on, his estimates of how much punishment North Vietnam can sustain before it surrenders prove woefully wrong, but the Pentagon chief continues to urge escalation, while in private confiding to friends that the war cannot be won. One of those friends was Johnson's nemesis, Bobby Kennedy. When LBJ finally eases his defense secretary out (to become president of the World Bank), McNamara is not conscience-stricken about his management of the war; in fact, he wistfully wants to remain at the Pentagon -- despite the enormous stress his job has brought to his wife and family, which "Path to War" graphically illustrates.

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The HBO film premiered on May 18, but it continues to play in heavy rotation -- in fact, it can be seen twice on Thursday, at 4 p.m. and midnight EST -- which is why the untold story of McNamara's Vietnam years bears closer review. In the film, Alec Baldwin admirably depicts McNamara's buttoned-up style and automaton-like self-assurance. The bespectacled "Whiz Kid" was an engineer of death, known for his dispassionate litanies of bomb tonnage and civilian and troop casualties. In one scene, McNamara is shown "grading" various aspects of a planned bombing operation aimed at North Vietnam. When he is told that the number of civilians killed might be high, he says, "Give it a D."

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Do not look to Robert McNamara's 1995 memoir or his more recent musings for any information on this project. "In Retrospect: The Tragedy and Lessons of Vietnam," his bloodless account of how he and his colleagues in the Kennedy and Johnson administrations were "wrong, terribly wrong" about Vietnam, conveniently ignores this deplorable brainstorm of his.

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Since "Path to War" makes much of Johnson's civil rights concerns, the filmmakers had a perfect place to introduce the awful irony of Project 100,000 -- the scene where LBJ pins a Purple Heart on a wounded black soldier. Unfortunately, few today recall this particularly shameful chapter from the war. Even two decades ago, accounts of Project 100,000 in my book "Long Time Passing: Vietnam and the Haunted Generation" were met with disbelief -- even by many who had lived through the era. Soldiers remembered it, however. As Herb DeBose, a former black first lieutenant who was director of a New York City employment program for veterans, said at that time, "I think McNamara should be shot. I saw him when he resigned from the World Bank, crying about the poor children of the world. But if he did not cry at all for any of those men he took in under Project 100,000, then he really doesn't know what crying is all about. Many weren't even on a 5th-grade level."

Thoughts Engendered by Robert McNamara's In Retrospect

But in doing this, the film overlooks the darkest aspects of his reign as a Vietnam War mastermind, including his shameful brainchild, Project 100,000. By 1966, President Johnson was fearful that calling up the reserves or abolishing student deferments would further inflame war protesters and signal all-out war. And so, even McNamara began privately declaring the war was unwinnable, the defense secretary devised Project 100,000.