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The anguish of Robert Penn Warren’s own poetic vision of art and democracy is soothed only by his belief that poetry—the making of art can nourish and at least do something toward the rescue of democracy; he shows how art can be- come a healer, can be “therapeutic.” In the face of disintegrative forces set loose in a business and technetronic society, it is poetry that affirms the notion of the self. It is a model of the organized self, an emblem of the struggle for the achieving self, and of the self in a community. More and more as our modern technetronic society races toward the abolition of the self, and diverges from a culture created to enhance the notion of selfhood, poetry becomes indispensable.

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Vice-Chancellor Madison Sarratt once introduced Robert Penn Warren: "Universities have no light of their own. Like the moon, they shine only by reflected light. Whatever brilliancy Vanderbilt has comes from her alumni." Surely the Vaughn family--William James Vaughn, Stella Scott Vaughn, and William Scott Vaughn--have added significantly to the brilliance of Vanderbilt's reflective light.

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Professor Kaisary’s research interests include Haitian Revolutionary Studies, the literature and culture of the postcolonial Atlantic, and race, law, and human rights. He is author of “The Haitian Revolution in the Literary Imagination: Radical Horizons, Conservative Constraints” (University of Virginia Press, 2014) which examines the representation of the Haitian Revolution by major Caribbean, African American, and US writers, artists, and thinkers. The study spans English, French, and Spanish languages, and includes poetry, drama, historical writing, biography, fiction, jazz, and opera. In 2015-16, Philip will be a Fulbright Visiting Scholar at Vanderbilt University. Philip joined Warwick Law School in 2012. He graduated from Edinburgh University in English Literature (MA Hons) in 2001, from Sussex University with an MA in Postcolonial Studies in 2003, and he holds a PhD from Warwick University in English & Comparative Literary Studies (2008). On the completion of his PhD, Philip was awarded an Inns of Court Lord Haldane Scholarship and he attended Oxford Brookes University School of Law where he received a Graduate Diploma in Law and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice; he qualified as a solicitor in 2012. Professor Kaisary is also meeting with West students on December 2nd at 3PM, following which time he’ll be presenting a paper on the 1805 Haitian Constitution in the Robert Penn Warren Center, to which West students are invited.

All the King's Men is a novel by Robert Penn Warren first published in 1946

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The Literature, Narrative and Law Seminar welcomes anyone interested in the many topics now addressed in this field, including the use of obscenity laws to regulate creative work, the representation of law in literature, law as literature, the application of literary methods to legal texts, the challenges of constructing “characters” appropriate to literary and legal settings, and the revitalization of law through reference to humanistic texts and approaches. All talks are in the Robert Penn Warren Center, unless otherwise noted. Contact:

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Tuesday, November 14th, 5:00PM, Luigi Achille, Migration Policy Center (Florence) on Narrative and Law (Robert Penn Warren Center) and 7:00PM: Discussion and viewing of A Bigger Splash, with Luigi Achille (Cohen 203)

Robert Penn Warren Center for the Humanities is located in the Vaughn Home.

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I'm Ken Burns.) My film about man who inspired Robert Penn Warren's "All the King's Men" depicts his road to the White House cut short by an assassin in 1935

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Mark Canuel (English, University of Illinois at Chicago) presents “Toward a Political Theory of the Romantic Novel” on FridayApril 18th at 3PM, in the Robert Penn Warren Center. Mark Canuel’s new book () on justice and the sublime is a wonderful addition to the field.

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Thursday, February 8th at noon (Alexander Room, Law School) and Friday, February 9th 4PM (Robert Penn Warren Center): Professor Debbie Anker, Harvard University