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is Head of the Finance Division at the State Treasury of Finland. Mr. Koivisto is in charge of the central government debt management function, which includes funding, liquidity management, investor relations and interest rate risk positioning of the government debt.

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The harmful myth of asian superiority analysis

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Geopolitical tensions added their own complications to the dynamics in economies and financial markets. Interest rates in the euro area slid into extremely low territory in line with weak growth and low inflation. The expectations of a full-scale quantitative easing by the European Central Bank will potentially support this scene of low yields for a long time. This outlook provides new challenges for issuers with respect to both demand and supply of bonds.

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Finland can also be equally successful in other areas. Our digital capabilities are among the best in the world and the economic downturn has not destroyed our ICT expertise. In addition to traditional manufacturing industries, Finland is also doing well as an exporter of data processing services. This is a promising sign because the Industrial Internet combines manufacturing and digital service production. Remote control and remote maintenance systems for lifts, cranes, ship engines and power plants are practical examples of this. Analysing the big data that they generate is a new form of high value-added service production. We can also influence the rate of productivity growth.

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The public sector can boost productivity indirectly by supporting education, research and development and in a direct manner, by taking action itself. This is because the public sector is one of the biggest users of ICT. Fortunately, political decision-makers have understood this and taken action. The National Data Exchange Layer will become operational in spring 2015. The aim is to include at least 80 per cent of the public administration in the National Data Exchange Layer, generate new business and opportunities for SMEs and make Finland the top ranking country in international comparisons of information technology use.

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